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Trial Of A Bloodthirsty Drug Lord – Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Trial Of A Bloodthirsty Drug Lord – Soldier of Fortune Magazine
El Chapo stated; “if anything had ever really given him pleasure, it was to have killed Ramon Arellano Felix.”

Borderland Beat 


After two jurors have been dismissed and their replacements chosen, opening statements started within the afternoon within the trial of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

The U.S. prosecutors gave an summary of the fees that introduced El Chapo to trial together with his international drug trafficking operation, and a number of homicide conspiracies.

Lacking have been homicide costs that the federal government quietly dropped over the summer time.

When it was the flip of the protection, we have been capable of get a peek into the protection plan of El Chapo and their reply to the fees of the U.S. and it’s one we’ve heard earlier than…..that it’s El Mayo Zambada that’s the actual chief of the Sinaloa Cartel, and El Chapo was a figurehead.

Guzman Loera was solely an emblematic determine whose perform, except for nonetheless participating in drug trafficking, is the distraction of authorities. In accordance with knowledge from the PGR and a few journalistic articles, El Chapo Guzman has determined to go away his hiding spots and has began to frequent eating places and public locations: a bit of over a yr in the past the Assistant Lawyer Basic for Particular Investigations and Organized Crime (SIEDO) detected him downtown in a metropolis within the state of Durango.

The federal government added Four cooperative witnesses a pair of weeks in the past, which ought to be a complete between 12 and 14.

After chopping his cope with the federal government final week, El Mayo’s son is predicted to be one of these witnesses, which could possibly be complicated to the jury, after listening to it’s Vincente Zambada, son of “the real leader” who’s testifying towards the person who’s accused of being the chief.

The protection hit on the cooperative witnesses throughout opening statements.  They assured the jury that these witnesses couldn’t be trusted, as they have been all criminals who made offers in trade for testimony.

That would work within the case of most witnesses; an exception stands out as the Flores twins, Margarito and Pedro.  The twins offered the federal government a mountain of proof, movies, and paperwork, recorded telephone conversations of them and 4 dozen narcos, with El Chapo taking middle stage.

And we will’t overlook the Sean Penn El Chapo video.  Within the video El Chapo discusses and admits his drug trafficking. Nevertheless, beforehand, the prosecution stated that they had no plans of utilizing it as proof and no plans on calling Penn as a witness.

A level of rivalry was that Presidents of Mexico have been on the cartel payroll.

The prosecution filed a movement in a single day demanding that decide Brian M. Cogan strike the complete assertion from the report, calling it “rife with impropriety” and based mostly on “blatantly inadmissible hearsay.”  [read that filing below]

Stated Lichtman; “This is a case that will require you to dismiss what you were taught to believe in about the way governments work and how they behave he continued  “This is a case which will require you to open your minds to the possibility that government officials at the very highest level can be bribed, can conspire to commit horrible crimes; that American law enforcement agents can also be crooked.”

“While the world focuses on this mythical Chapo figure, the world is not focusing on Mayo Zambada,” “That’s thanks to “hundreds of millions of dollars” in bribes paid to Enrique Peña Nieto, the present president of Mexico, and his predecessor Vicente Fox.”

Mr Lichtman stated that Zambada had been left free as a result of he “bribes the entire government of Mexico including up to the very top, the current president of Mexico,” Enrique Pena Nieto.

Decide Cogan stated protection went “far afield of direct or circumstantial proof.”

The workplace of President Enrique Pena Nieto referred to as the allegations “completely false and defamatory.” Whereas former President Felipe Calderon dismissed them as “absolutely false and reckless.”

Lichtman additionally asserted that Zambada’s brother and two sons have been cooperating with prosecutors, and steered the give attention to Guzman could be to distract from Zambada.

Some of his objections protection introduced in opening arguments:

(1) was out to get the defendant as a result of of his standing as a”legendary” determine;
(2)had chosen to prosecute the defendant ratherthan different drug traffickers, particularly, his codefendant IsmaelZambada Garcia; and
(three) had engaged in outrageous conductbecause it was so determined to prosecute the defendant.

A few cooperative witnesses named by protection under from Mica:

  • Miguel Angel Martinez, an ex-Mexican trafficker who he stated had a Four-gram per day cocaine behavior
  • Alex Cifuentes, a Colombian narco who labored w/ the Medellin cartel
  • Jorge Cifuentes, one other Colombian trafficker
  • Damaso Lopez, El Chapo’s former right-hand man who helped him escape from jail
  • Cesar Gastellum, one other El Chapo lieutenant who allegedly paid bribes to Honduran authorities.

The entire listing has not been made public, however I search for at the very least one lady to offer testimony.  Guadalupe Valencia.  The cash woman, who’s schedule to have her change of plea listening to at months finish.

El Chapo Trial: Jesus “El Rey” Zambada, brother of El Mayo, testifies as a cooperative witness

If convicted on most any of the 17 fees, the sentence would quantity to a life sentence.  For instance, the Kingpin Statute, which suggests working a unbroken organized legal enterprise, can be a compulsory life sentence.

Jesus Zambada, brother of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada took the stand within the trial of El Chapo this afternoon as a cooperative witness and identified El Chapo as one of the leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Zambada gave testimony affirming that El Chapo operated the cartel together with his brother El Mayo.

He testified that he started his cartel profession as an accountant, he additionally said that earlier than his 2008 arrest he was a Sinaloa cartel lieutenant, describing his position within the cartel as “the leader in Mexico City.”

He claims that El Chapo operated a staging warehouse in Mexico Metropolis, as a stopping level for cocaine flown in from Colombia.  Additional stating that the cartel managed the airport in Mexico Metropolis, paying off the federal government to conduct enterprise untouched.

Fascinating the assertion about paying off the federal government, as a result of that was some extent of rivalry by prosecutors when protection lawyer Lichtman made the assertion in his opening argument.

This morning Lichtman tried to elucidate away the notorious Sean Penn El Chapo video, saying it was all about vainness when Chapo stated he was the Sinaloa Cartel chief.  He was aiming for a guide and movie about himself.

El Chapo Trial: “Blood thirsty Chapo even killed family” right here is the backstory

Prosecutors described El Chapo as “bloodthirsty, even killing family members”.  Which will or will not be true,

Particulars surrounding the killing of; Chapo cousin Juancho, El Guacho and El Güero

The member of the family is the cousin of El Chapo, Juan Guzman Rocha aka Juancho.  He was a Sinaloa Cartel enforcer working within the Los Antrax group.

When he was arrested Manuel Fernández Valencia, aka “La Puerca”, confessed to Federal Police that he personally knew El Chapo.

He additionally advised authorities concerning the demise of his son, Marcial, [below] who died on August 29th of 2010 in Culiacán.   It was a case of mistaken id; the assassins thought Marcial was the son of El Chapo as a result of he was driving a white Ferrari. Alfredo Guzmán drives a Lamborghini of the identical shade. When the killing occurred, it was initially reported within the press because the son of El Chapo.

A day later, he acquired a telephone name from Chapo, the capo expressing his condolences and pledged his help, saying that he would stand by his pal on this time of grief, whereas vowing he would get discover those that have been answerable for the Marcial’s homicide.

“La Puerca” says that a month later, El Chapo’s son got here to tell him that they had discovered the person who had murdered his son, and the individual was Israel Rincón, alias El Guacho.

El Gaucho was interrogated whereas being videotaped and was executed  by October fifth.

In a U.S. memo it states;

Mr. Guzmán was preventing one other competitor, the Beltrán Leyva group; he acquired phrase that one of its prime lieutenants, Israel Rincón Martínez, had been kidnapped by his henchmen. In accordance with the memo, Mr. Rincón was shuttled between a collection of El Chapo properties, the place he was tortured and questioned by El Chapo’s cousin, Juan Guzmán Rocha. Regardless that Mr. Guzmán ordered the interrogators to not kill Mr. Rincón to attend till he arrived, nevertheless his order was not adopted, and the memo claims that by the point he arrived, Mr. Rincón was lifeless.In line with the Chicago indictment, Juan Guzman Rocha was a key contact of twin brothers Pedro and Margarito Flores, Chicago drug sellers who ended up cooperating with U.S. drug brokers, and will probably be star witnesses on this trial.

The corpse of Israel Rincón Martínez [below] was discovered riddled with 7.62 mm rounds from an AK-47. Together with the physique was a message that denounced all murderers, rapists and thieves, pledging to cleanse the town of these criminals and offered a telephone quantity to report anybody suspected of being responsible of these crimes.

Additionally within the message have been the names and photographs of Arturo Héctor Beltrán Leyva, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, Heriberto Lazcano, El lazca, Édgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, Israel Rincón Martínez, El guacho o El Miki, Cristiano Urías, Antonio Araujo, Jorge Iribe Araujo, and Osiel (Cárdenas).

On December 16, 2011 authorities in Sinaloa discovered two our bodies, one was recognized as Juan Guzman Rocha alias “el Juancho”.

The our bodies had a number of bullet impacts, have been gagged and dumped on a rural street within the city of Aguaruto.  The second man was recognized as Jose Miguel Bastidas Manjarrez aka ‘el Guero Bastidas”

There have been no bullet casings or pooling of blood so it was presumed the lads have been killed elsewhere.

Within the interrogation of Rincón Martínez he confesses to collaborating in a gathering the place he was knowledgeable that El Chapo was the one chargeable for the autumn Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, alias El Mochomo. He additionally says he acquired a telephone name from Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who questioned him on his loyalties. El Barbas requested him, “Who side are you on?” He allegedly responds “With Alfredo’s people,” though he had began his legal profession with El Chapo.

Rincón Martínez says he felt obliged to stick with the Beltrán Leyva cartel as a result of to say in any other case meant sure dying. He additionally states this was completely complicated for him as a result of he all the time thought El Chapo was not the one liable for the arrest of Mochomo, and he had speculated that the entire thing was simply getting used for an excuse to start out a warfare.

El Chapo’s son Ivan, after dropping each authorized avenue, was instantly launched from Altiplano a pair of months after the arrest of Alfredo Beltran Leyva.

La Puerca is the brother of Guadalupe Fernandez Valencia.  Guadalupe has a plea change listening to scheduled on the finish of this month.  Puerca already minimize a deal.  Each are potential cooperative witnesses within the Chapo trial.

The superseding indictment alleges that Guzmán and Zambada have been additionally behind the assassinations of Raul LNU, referred to as “Robachivas,” and Julio Beltrán.

Each Chapo and Mayo are additionally accused of homicide conspiracy and tried homicide of members of the Beltrán, Carrillo Fuentes, Zeta and Felix Arrellano cartels.  They’re accused of being the assassinations of Raul LNU, often known as “Robachivas,” and Julio Beltrán.

El Chapo has not been charged in Mexico for the alleged murderers of these people.

Chapo is charged with conspiracy not precise homicide, Under half of the federal government “kill list” that might be proof within the trial-click to enlarge

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