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Hindi names for twins-boy and girl

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They say that couples who are blessed with twins are indeed lucky. But naming them can be quite a task. Twins are said to have similar personality traits and looks. Therefore, most of the parents prefer to give similar sounding names or names with similar meaning. If you want to name your twins with similar sounding names or even unique ones, we are here for you. However, with twins you need to keep in mind their uniqueness when they grow up.

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Couple names newborn twins Covid and Corona

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Glow, Luster, Shine. The Lord is my father. Ideal, The Sun. Idol, Mentor, With An ideology. Help, Intelligent. The beginning, First, Black. Success, Unconquerable, Invincible. Rain, Constant flow.

One who cannot be injured, Rice offered to deity in Hindu Pooja, Indestructible. Rice, Immortal, Unscathed, Perfect, Untouched i. Rice, Immortal, Unscathed, Perfect, Untouched ie divinity. Name of a Goddess, Beautiful eyed. Cry of victory. Boundless, Magnanimous, One who is beyond measure.

Limitless, Boundless, Unmeasurable, Infinite, Eternal. Karma before in this birth. Nectar, Delight Amlan unfading, Ever bright.

Priceless, Valuable. Immortality, Priceless. Ring finger, Virtuous, Free of the limitations imposed by a name. Boundless, Unstoppable. The 17th Nakshathra, A bright star. Close friend, Good company, Smart one, Companion, Supreme. Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous.

Joyful unending, Calmness. Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace. Younger brother. Continuous, Younger sister. Incomparable, Precious, Unique.

Hope or desire, Army Man, Wish. To donate, To give or offer something. Dedicate, Presenting. Mythical charioteer of the Sun, Dawn. Of the Aryan race, Ancient, Warrior. Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati. One who vanquishes fear, Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati. The Moon, To shine, Moon light.

A river, Moon light. Moon light or a river, Star. A lamp, Beautiful. Like a Goddess. Pole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm. Happy, Full of Joy. Joyful, Kings of the hills, Kind hearted a sweet. Cheerful, Happy. Beautiful, Handsome. Pretty, Beautiful. Ice, Cold like ice, Golden skinned. Name of a sage, From the heart.

Joy, Of truth, Generous, A small flowing river or stream. Daughter of Indra. Daughter of the Moon. Lord Shiva, The Sun. East, North east. Conqueror, Victory.

Curiosity to research. Required victory, Superior. Lotus, Perfection. Tender, Beautiful, Delicate. Perfect, Goddess, Flower. An ancient king. Pure, Innocent, Female friend. Happiness, Smile. Nickname of names beginning with - Kris, Short form of Lord Krishna. Agriculture, Farming. Lord Krishna, Name of the river. Lord of the mind, God of mind. Intellect, Desire, Wish, Goddess of mind. Feminine form of Mihir the Sun. Friend, The Sun. Salutation, Bowing.

Giving pleasure. Blue, One with blue eyes. Water one of the five elements of the world it is the essence of life. Lotus flower, Zarnu, Pure, Another name for Lakshmi. Very dedicated, Sharp. Divine tree, A celestial flower. Tarumoolastha dweller under the Parijata tree.

A classical melody, From the east. Earlier, One, Elder, East. Nature, Beautiful, Weather. Delight, Lord of all abodes. Tall, Lord Vishnu, High. Forgiveness, Goddess of life, Maa Parvati.

Symbol, First word in a sentence. Hope, Waiting for something. Son of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries. Thread of brother sister bonding. Those who saves, Saviour.

Reducer of the number of demons. Guarded, Secure, Saved. Victor in wars, Victorious. The sign of the zodiac, Collection. Pleasure, Sage, Ray of light. Brave dominant ruler. Morality, Superior. Feather, Line, Saintly. Silken, Saintly.

Indian baby names, Hindu baby names

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, your mind is sure to start whirring with questions about what you can do for the baby. You might have to delve into a lot of advice and have doubts about every single thing you do, and you are sure to provide only the best for your baby. On the day of the delivery, you might even be surprised by a pair of cute twin girl children.

Browse our list of Russian baby names to find the perfect name for your baby girl or boy. Read More. Russian: The goddess; from Allat, name of pre-Islamic Arabic goddess of fertility.

Whether you are looking for odd baby names, unique baby names, or unusual baby name or would like to find out the origin and meaning of a name then you're at the right place. Naming a child is a serious affair. Choose a name that will grow with your child and serve them well in any stage of life. Please select the letter to continue:.

India newborn twins named Corona and Covid after virus

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. An Indian couple has called newborn twins "Corona" and "Covid" amid the country's lockdown. The names were meant as a reminder of the hardships of the delivery but also had a positive connotation, they said. Two newborn twins born in the city of Raipur in India's central Chhattisgarh state have been receiving more than the usual share of attention after their parents named them "Corona" and "Covid. The mother of the children, year-old Preeti Verma, told the Press Trust of India news agency that the names were intended by her and her husband as a reminder of the difficulties of the delivery amid lockdown conditions in the early hours of March She said she and her husband had been stopped by police several times on their way to the hospital, with road traffic also subject to restrictions. As an added difficulty, the twins were reportedly born by cesarean section. Justifying the choice of the unusual names, Verma stressed that the pandemic had not had only negative effects, but had also encouraged people to think about sanitation, hygiene and other good health practices.

120 Adorable Twin Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Glow, Luster, Shine. The Lord is my father. Ideal, The Sun. Idol, Mentor, With An ideology. Help, Intelligent.

Even before this transition takes place, one thing that can get couples super excited is the chance to pick a baby name for their newborn.

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50 Most Popular Hindu Baby Names With Meanings

The nine months preceding the arrival of your double bonanza twin girls are full of festivities and blessings. Many important tasks will now have to be accomplished- the most important one being the name selection for your twins. Your little ladies will be identical. Does that mean your twin girls should have the names that are mirror images of each other as well?

In Indian Astrology, selecting a name is not just giving your child an identity, but in some way, it even directs the way of life for the child. As per astrology, the second letter of the alphabet, which is B, is a combination of energies. Selecting a Hindu name for a baby boy starting with B can be a tad bit tasking, but one should reach the right place to know various names starting with B. Before selecting any Hindu name for a baby boy from B, one should also look for their meanings. It is always nice to name your baby with a name, which has a deep meaning to it. Here is a list of names for baby boys starting from B with their meaning.

50 Most Popular Hindu Baby Names With Meanings

Parents wanted names to be 'memorable and unique' after boy and girl born during nationwide lockdown. A couple in India's central state of Chhattisgarh have named their newborn twins Corona and Covid amid the country's nationwide lockdown brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The twins, a boy and a girl, were born at a government hospital in the state capital Raipur on March 27, two days after the lockdown came into force disrupting daily lives. The couple said the names would remind them about the hardships they faced during the lockdown and before the successful delivery in a government hospital last week. Verma said they had no help at the time of delivery as their family members could not reach Raipur due to the lockdown.

Apr 4, - An Indian couple has called newborn twins "Corona" and "Covid" amid The names for the girl and the boy, referring to the novel coronavirus.








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