Can Tesla avoid becoming the BlackBerry of electric cars?

Can Tesla avoid becoming the BlackBerry of electric cars?

It wasn't that long ago that the idea of a semi-autonomous, or even an electric car driving on public roads was incredibly far-fetched. Sure, there were hybrids from companies like Toyota and Honda, but nothing that anyone with a straight face would call cool. Tesla changed all that, first with its roadster but then (more importantly) with its Model S and Autopilot. Its cars had an EV range over 200 miles and made caring about the environment and driving "the future" a status symbol. Tesla changed everything in the automotive world and now, well now, the industry has caught up and Elon Musk's company is mired in what he calls "production hell." Tesla -- even with all its faults -- has been incredibly important to the auto industry. In 2006 Musk dropped his master plan to sell high-end EVs to the well off to help create an electric car for everyone. Car startups, even from established automakers, tend to die a sad long death (anyone remember Saturn or more recently Scion?). But Te [...]