Alexa finally makes Fire TV truly hands-free

Alexa finally makes Fire TV truly hands-free

GUEST: Amazon is always improving its popular digital voice assistant, Alexa. The latest update: You can now control your Amazon Fire TV using Alexa and the Echo, totally hands-free. Even if you don’t own one of the devices, you’ve probably heard of Alexa, the digital assistant that powers Amazon’s Echo line of devices. Alexa is one of the better AI assistants out there, capable of understanding thousands of commands to do almost anything you can imagine — play music, deliver sports scores, read the weather forecast, control smart home appliances, and more. If you want your favorite dinner playlist to start playing while you cook, Alexa can do that. Alexa can even tell you the weather and start your coffee before you leave your bed. Alexa powers the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap. The Echo is a tower device with a built-in 360-degree speaker that allows it to double as both a command center for your home and a sound system. The Echo Dot is a smaller version wi [...]