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Afghan Commandos are Taking a Beating – Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Afghan Commandos are Taking a Beating – Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Final month an Afghan Commando firm was dedicated piecemeal into Jaghari district, a rural Hazara dominated space of Ghazni province, and defeated intimately. That is the second Afghan Commando firm to satisfy this destiny prior to now three months; one other was misplaced within the adjoining Ajristan district final August. The destruction of that Commando firm was overshadowed by the preventing to push the Taliban out of the town of Ghazni which is simply 100 miles from Kabul. Within the pre-dawn darkness of August 10, over 1,000 Taliban, reportedly strengthened with Al Qaeda affiliated overseas fighters, stormed Ghazni metropolis, forcing Afghanistan Nationwide Protection Safety Forces (ANDSF) to retreat into the primary authorities amenities (governor’s compound, Police HQ, NDS Compound and the primary jail).

Ghazni was not the one main metropolis to be overrun by Taliban. They held onto Kunduz for 2 weeks in 2015, and attacked it once more in 2017. This yr additionally they overran the capitols of Farah, and Uruzgan provinces. In all of these battles, American SF groups have been inserted with Afghan Commando models, the place they managed air strikes as ANDSF models drove the Taliban out of the town facilities whereas inflicting heavy casualties.

When American SF models insert into a direct fight position, they carry greater than air strikes,…they bring about responsive logistic and medical evacuation help which inserts a diploma of group into the battlefield rhythm. When the People are absent from the battle, worthwhile models like Afghan Commando corporations are inserted into conditions the place they are outnumbered, out-gunned, and unsupported. Half of the rationale behind the train-and-assist effort in Afghanistan was to stop self-inflicted debacles like these talked about above. NATO management has repeatedly stated the coaching effort will take time and embrace many setbacks nevertheless it doesn’t seem that point is on our aspect.

Imitation is the sincerest type of flattery, and the Afghanistan Commandos have carried out so nicely that the Taliban created their very own model referred to as the Sara Khitta — which is Pashto for Purple Group or Hazard Group. They are allegedly armed with captured American weapons, armored HMMWVs, night time imaginative and prescient units, and American tactical radios. The effectiveness of Sara Khitta models is questionable, Taliban pictures of these particular warriors reveal a conspicuous lack of American weapons, radios or night time imaginative and prescient gear. However information don’t rely; the notion of the Afghans is the one metric that issues. Their notion is the Sara Khitta is an elite drive that doesn’t require American supervision to battle properly. In the meantime the Afghan Commandos are getting their butts kicked once they deploy with out People to offer hearth help and grownup supervision.

Afghan Military Commandos

One of the elemental issues with Afghanistan safety forces is their insistence on manning small verify factors on all main roads and inside each district middle. These checkpoints are straightforward to isolate and over-run they usually are unattainable to strengthen as soon as they are remoted. That’s precisely what occurred to the Commando firm in Ajristan district final August, and doubtless contributed to the destruction of the opposite firm final month.

There are main structural issues with the Afghanistan warfare; the central authorities in Kabul is hopelessly corrupt, and the Taliban can simply entry protected sanctuaries within the tribal lands in Pakistan to relaxation, practice and re-fit. There are no near-term fixes for these issues, which ought to curb the keenness of anybody who errors our present 4Rs+S technique as a viable method ahead.

When Gen. John Nicholson relinquished command of all NATO forces in Afghanistan final September, he stated, “It is time for the war in Afghanistan to end.” You hear that always from senior People today, however that rhetoric is being employed to masks the cognitive dissonance of the truth on the bottom. The Taliban is a fragmented enemy who has confirmed succesful of implementing a country-wide stop hearth for 3 days. That demonstrated that the Taliban has some capacity at exercising unity of command which stunned NATO observers. The Taliban has been working with the Afghan authorities to assist administer the areas they management, and that too has stunned NATO observers. I don’t assume the Taliban Purple Models have stunned anybody, which will be the solely excellent news from the nation this yr.

Giant swaths of the nation are managed by the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (the Taliban), and that’s a main strategic drawback. Islamic extremists fleeing from Syria and Iraq are discovering protected haven contained in the Emirate, and are arriving in ever-increasing numbers. Though the Taliban and ISIS-Okay have truly fought one another repeatedly, the Taliban has all the time maintained strong relations with al Qaeda. The present chief of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has been dwelling within the Taliban managed areas of each Pakistan and Afghanistan since 9/11 with a 25-million-dollar bounty on his head. Surviving that lengthy with that enormous a worth in your head signifies we’ve got restricted — if not zero — Human Intelligence (HUMINT) guiding our concentrating on efforts.

This constant lack of HUMINT was so debilitating to NATO’s efforts, that in 2010 MG Michael Flynn (together with a Marine Captain and a DIA analyst) wrote a exceptional paper titled “Fixing Intel: A blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan.” This drawback additionally launched one of probably the most unbelievable packages in trendy intelligence historical past, involving former CIA legend Dewey Clarridge — who ran a number of spy rings fronted by former army males who have been on the bottom and off the bases.  The unique reporting by the NYT’s Mark Mazzetti stated the product offered by Clarridge’s operatives was little greater than rumor and innuendo. When Mr. Mazzetti revealed a ebook concerning the CIA through the publish 9/11 period, The Approach of the Knife, his evaluation on the standard of the intelligence collected by Clarridge had modified dramatically. It’s thoughts blowing that an previous retired spook was capable of run a number of spy rings inside Afghanistan, from the aspect of his pool in Southern California, for (reportedly) a few million dollars. That’s a rounding error for the CIA; they spend extra importing German mineral water to their bases yearly.

Human Intelligence stays related as a result of it’s obvious NATO and Kabul have little of it. The Taliban can pre-stage ammunition and fighters, previous to an assault, with out the worry of being compromised. That’s the definition of good HUMINT. NATO and Kabul are persistently stunned when the Taliban assaults a main metropolis or city; that’s the definition of dangerous HUMINT.

The one cease hole answer that would maintain Afghanistan within the struggle is contractors. Eric Prince has been purchasing round a plan to switch NATO army forces with armed contractors. The rationale his plan is sensible (in addition to the very fact it might save the American taxpayers billions of dollars) is he plans to insert mentors right down to the battalion degree. Mentors can be assigned to the identical unit indefinitely, selling the private relationships required for efficient fight cohesion.

America in relying on time to result in a suitable answer in Afghanistan however time is operating out. At this time, the Pentagon reported yet one more fight dying that was attributed to an insider assault.  Sergeant Leandro Jasso, from the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, reportedly died within the Garmsir district of Helmand province after being shot throughout an operation within the Khash Rod district of Numruz province. That seems like he was stationed on the former Marine FOB Dwyer and preventing outdoors the previous Marine FOB Delaram. An inexpensive assumption is that SGT Jasso was supporting an American SF effort directed at some type of excessive worth goal.

In absolute numbers, the casualties we are sustaining in Afghanistan are low. However numbers are not the difficulty; perceptions are, and in that respect there’s an elephant within the room no one is snug addressing. That may be the newly elected democrat managed congress who has made it clear their precedence is to go after President Trump. The share of American casualties from insider assaults is a matter that Congress might use to hammer away on the credibility of the administration. I don’t assume that’s a sensible tactic for the democrats, however rational discourse is not a element of our two get together system, so stand by.

The Prince Plan has a higher probability of shopping for the West time to permit the federal government of Afghanistan to get a grip on the nation. The probabilities of the present administration adopting the Prince Plan are zero so long as Mattis stays the Secretary of Protection. It’s not that the army hates contractors, they (just like the CIA) have extra of them within the subject than troops as a result of they are cheaper to deploy and also you don’t need to take care of them in the event that they are hit. The difficulty additionally isn’t paying People to battle for an additional nation — we’ve completed that many occasions earlier than in locations like Haiti, Nicaragua, and China earlier than we had an financial system that would generate billions of dollars to spend on propping up corrupt overseas governments.

Again once we despatched civilians to warfare within the service of one other nation they got catchy names like ‘The Flying Tigers‘. Now they are smeared with the pejorative “mercenaries.” Each money and time are operating out in Afghanistan; we could also be re-visiting the use of “mercenaries” once more within the close to future.

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