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A ‘Hurt Locker’-type situation – Soldier of Fortune Magazine

A ‘Hurt Locker’-type situation – Soldier of Fortune Magazine
Blindsided by the Taliban

CHAPTER four A Hurt Lockersort situation          

Blindsided by the Taliban Carmen Gentile

September eight, 2010, Kunar Province, Japanese Afghanistan   by Carmen Gentile 

The blokes at Fight Outpost Pirtle King get a tip from an area Afghan man that there’s an IED within the street not removed from right here. I bounce in a single of the armored automobiles that heads out in a convoy to take a look at the scene. It’s a bumpy experience alongside a mud street flanked by the river, operating quick with muddy, foaming water.

Once we get to the location the place the aged Afghan says the bombs are buried, the vans cease brief and everybody information out. I’m cautious to not step anyplace that appears freshly dug up, putting my ft the precise spot because the man in entrance of me. The blokes from PK are significantly much less apprehensive — they’ve been by way of this drill numerous occasions. They take up positions alongside the street to safe the world towards potential Taliban assaults and direct visitors when somebody needs to drive by means of the IED zone.

“Bomb! Bomb in the road!” Lt. Derek Zotto says to a gaggle of onlookers who get out of the car. They act as in the event that they do not know what he’s saying, and his ambiguous hand gestures slashing towards the bottom aren’t serving to.

“It’s probably these assholes that were freaking planning to blow us up,” he says by way of a smirk. “They saw we were down here and they wanted to come see what was up.”

Zotto tells me that the tipster who pointed them to this location stated he knew the situation of the IEDs planted by a close-by bomb-making cell comprised of a number of excessive school-age boys. “They get them while they’re pretty young.” I ponder for a second simply what may be the appropriate age to start one’s bomb-making apprenticeship and whether or not scatterbrained, hormone-raging teenage boys are one of the best candidates for developing explosive units.

The remaining of the platoon is scouring the slope on the right-hand aspect of the street, looking for  the command wires the tipster says result in three separate IEDs within the street spaced a few dozen yards aside. Some IEDs must be detonated by somebody on the opposite finish of an extended wire when a car passes over them. Contact the top of the wire to a battery that sends a cost down the wire to the explosives buried within the street and voila — engine blocks and physique elements go flying by means of the air with the best of ease.

Spc. Nikolai Wyckoff finds poorly hid wire tucked underneath a number of small rocks. “They get really fucking obvious with it sometimes,” he says, pointing to a line of rocks main right down to the street the place the IEDs are buried.

I comply with the wire again right down to the street the place Zotto is shuffling some dust round with the toe of his boot to show the copper line. This doesn’t strike me as one thing you need to jiggle so casually. I shoot some video of him prodding the wire, hoping it’s not the footage cable information exhibits on repeat for example the risks of IEDs once they deign to cowl the struggle on weekends at 2 a.m.

The blokes from PK name within the EOD staff to deal with the removing of the bombs. EOD, or Explosive Ordnance Removing, are the bomb guys with which many people are vaguely acquainted as a result of of the movie “The Hurt Locker.”

We wait by the aspect of the street, armored vans idling to the aspect because the solar sinks decrease, till EOD exhibits up.

A few members of EOD arrive. One dons the full-body ballistic put on that makes them appear to be a cross between a hunter-green-colored astronaut and a sumo wrestler. I watch and movie from a distance as he traces the primary wire to its finish in a gap simply alongside the street. After a couple of minutes of prodding, he discovers there are not any explosives — only a bag of rocks, a dummy bomb. The subsequent one he checks is identical factor, rocks wrapped in a white material. These guys reside for his or her jobs and saving the day. So I do know this has obtained to piss him off. Earlier than investigating the third one, he takes a break. I sidle as much as him and inform him I’m a reporter. He doesn’t need to speak or be filmed. I inform him it’s all off the document. I simply need to ask him one factor: “What did you think of ‘The Hurt Locker’?”

I do know this can be a loaded query for anybody within the army, however particularly for EOD guys. The cinematic depiction of a rogue bomb defuser and some guys heading out to dismantle sufficient explosives to degree Hiroshima pisses troopers off. I personally love Kathryn Bigelow’s over-the-top cinematic antics in “Point Break,” a film whose typically clunky dialogue I can quote chapter and verse (“Utah, give me two”). However I spent two hours rolling my eyes watching the wrong portrayal of army process in “The Hurt Locker.” I do know it’s only a film and may largely ignore it as Hollywood’s inclination to pump up the motion, information be damned. However for guys that do that stuff for a dwelling, risking their lives alongside the best way, it’s tremendous fucking infuriating. The troopers at PK use the film as a punchline whereas speaking concerning the IEDs over the radio to at least one one other:

“We have a Hurt Locker-type situation here, over,” quips one of the troopers watching the other hillside for gunmen.

The EOD I ask isn’t as amused with Bigelow’s outlandish depiction of his career. As anticipated, he launches into an expletive-laden tirade concerning the movie’s many inaccuracies that has me in matches of laughter. As promised, I don’t document a phrase.


The third wire didn’t result in one other bag of rocks. It’s related to a big cylindrical watercooler — the type soccer gamers dump on coaches once they win the Tremendous Bowl — crammed with about 100 kilos of explosives. It’s HME, or Do-it-yourself Explosives. HME is usually ammonium nitrate fertilizer that’s utilized in farming, however banned in Afghanistan for this very purpose. It’s secretly trucked in throughout the border from Pakistan day-after-day and packed in buckets designed to quench thirst and rejoice Tremendous Bowl wins. Right here, it’s used to blow a closely armored car and everybody inside it into the stratosphere if in case you have sufficient of it.

The Oklahoma Metropolis bombing within the 90s used fertilizer just like these things.

100 kilos in all probability wouldn’t be sufficient to obliterate the armored automobiles the blokes from PK use. However detonated on the proper time whereas passing over the HME, it is going to pierce the strengthened metal hull and ship scorching, jagged shards of metallic flying into the car, shredding flesh and bone. So as to add insult to damage, if the blast hit it simply so, it might ship the truck tipping into the river, doubtless drowning everybody inside as they scream in muddy water, muting the agony from their accidents. That’s occurred to US troopers prior to now.

The EOD has a plan. They rigorously disconnect the wires from the fertilizer-packed watercooler and gently extract it from the bottom. Then they carry it to the rocky river financial institution to do a “controlled det,” or managed detonation (if there’s some option to shorten an expression or use an acronym to make one thing sound means cooler, the Military has invented it).

They connect their very own explosives, C4, to the jug and instruct us to all transfer again.

I take a place about 50 yards away up on a small ridge overlooking the street, hoping to get an excellent shot of the explosion with my video digital camera. I’m hoping they do that quickly, as a result of the solar is about to set, and with out good mild this recorded explosion gained’t almost be as attractive as I’m anticipating will probably be. Mendacity on my stomach, my digital camera aimed on the street, I’m getting anxious. Let’s mild this sucker already. Daddy wants an enormous growth for digital camera.

In fast succession, somebody shouts a warning 3 times.

“Fire in the hole!”

“Fire in the hole!”

“Fire in the hole.”

Only a hair in time earlier than I hear the blast, a cloud erupts from the cooler as I watch it by means of my viewfinder. Then a roar fills the air, making my ears ring and my head really feel momentarily concussed.  A giant boulder is ripped from the river financial institution and flung into the water.

A second later, a positive trickle of particles, tiny rocks pulverized by the blast, rain down on me, plinking off my digital camera, nonetheless recording, and my helmet, head inside nonetheless vibrating.

That was fairly attractive.


The primary photographs fired appeared to return from the highest of the hill. They whizzed above our heads within the twilight simply earlier than darkish.

“It was hitting across the fucking river, right over there!” a voice I don’t acknowledge yells out to Zotto. If the photographs have been fired from afar, they aren’t coming near hitting us.

A couple extra photographs ring out. Then silence apart from the regular thrum of the armored truck engines.

Pop photographs in the dead of night are unnerving, however not almost as worrisome as what Zotto tells me. “We just got word that we went over an IED on the way out here. So it might go off on our way back.”

“It’s going to be a long night,” I say, feigning a cavalier angle towards the prospect of driving again to PK at the hours of darkness with a lethal explosive laying in anticipate the doubtless unlucky amongst us.

Blindsided by the Taliban

Carmen Gentile  as coated the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and quite a few bouts of unrest all through the world. He was significantly injured whereas reporting in Afghanistan, an expertise he chronicles in his guide “Blindsided by the Taliban.”the ebook might be bought on Amazon HERE 


Concerning the guide:

On September 9, 2010, whereas embedded with an Military unit and speaking with locals in a small village in japanese Afghanistan, journalist Carmen Gentile was struck within the face by a rocket-propelled grenade. Inexplicably, the grenade didn’t explode and Gentile survived, albeit with the proper aspect of his face shattered and blinded in a single eye.

Making issues worse, his engagement was on the ropes and his fiancée absent from his bedside.

“Kissed by the Taliban” chronicles the writer’s quite a few missteps and shortcomings whereas coming to phrases with damage and a misplaced love. Creative and unprecedented surgical procedures would finally save Gentile’s face and eyesight, however the melancholy and trauma that adopted his bodily and emotional accidents proved a a lot more durable restoration. Finally, Gentile would discover that returning to the entrance strains and persevering with the work he beloved was the one strategy to turn out to be entire once more.

Gentile recounts the bodily and psychological restoration which included a month of staring solely on the floor on docs’ orders, a battle with opiate-induced constipation and a historical past of drug habit, night time terrors born of post-traumatic stress, the Jedi-like powers of Common David Petraeus, and discovering normalcy beneath falling mortars in an Afghan valley. The result’s an unapologetic, self-deprecating, sometimes cringeworthy, and all the time candid account of loss and redemption.

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