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This script can be found at Isubtitles. Listen, you kids are free to leave. We've contacted your schools. See your principle in the morning.

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Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Parent reviews for Akira. Common Sense says Extremely violent classic introduced anime to Westerners. Based on our expert review. Based on 10 reviews. Based on 17 reviews.

Add your rating. Parents say 10 Kids say Parent of a year-old Written by Sircjalot July 31, The most influential anime movie of all time! Akira after 30 years, it is still great and gritty! Violence is constant in this film. One scene a man was shot multiple times, and was still alive laying on the road, blood gushing out of his mouth and body, then being hit with another round of bullets. Blood began to bubble out as he was being shredded up by lead. Another scene has people being blown apart from Tetsou force powers.

Another scene has attack dogs brutally shot at point blank range. I do not want to spoil any more, but that is a brief description of the gore. There was one nudity scene where the main character girlfriend was being beaten by some biker gangs and were ripping her shirt off breast were visible.

Also throughout the movie, many characters smoke cigarettes including the teenager characters. One of characters gets some type of illegal pills though it wasn't said of what kind of drugs specificity.

Over all not for children, this is an intense and sometimes even scary anime movie. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 2. Read my mind. Report this review. Adult Written by AortaPlatinum September 17, Y'all ever just [grows into a massive flesh monster]? I'm so glad no one listened to Spielberg, "unmarketable in the US".

Although I do suppose we now have weeaboos so AKIRA, the movie about the bikes and the flesh monster! Really the only things to look out for are the minutes upon minutes of gruesome violence, and a short sequence where one of the female characters' chest is exposed, but not in a sexual way.

Don't watch if you can't stand super gross flesh transformation scenes, and if you do watch it, pick the subtitles with the Japanese audio, both English dubs are just awful. Had useful details 1. Adult Written by SGray August 25, Riveting and Violent Akira is the legendary film of destruction, psychokinesis, explosions, and secret government experiments. Its a film based upon the 2, page Akira Manga, and takes all those pages and sqeeezes it down into a 2 hour film.

Following the Biker Gang the Capsules, it shows Kaneda as he tries to rescue and later destroy his friend Tetsuo as he goes through a decent into madness. It reeks of violence, and is amazing in its colors, and technical achievement, and highlights political satire, religious satire, and the bearing idea of destruction.

In the first minute alone, Tokyo blows up, and in the end, it blows up again, a kid mutates into a giant monster, a clown looses his head, and a kid nearly gets killed by a space laser. This title contains: Positive role models. Adult Written by Holly R. July 14, I couldn't sit through it, it's that freaky I love anime but this one just disgusts me. I couldn't sit through it. The language was too strong and the imagery was too disturbing and is the anime equivalent of me trying to sit through The Exorcist.

I don't know why people love this so much. I can't recommend this one, even for hard core anime fans. Also note that I watched this for the first time a couple of years ago and I was about 27 at the time so I was already well into adulthood and it still left me unsettled after trying to sit through it.

Also marking consumerism because it's the 30th anniversary of this movie at the time I'm writing this. Adult Written by Sergio M.

May 20, Akira A biker holds a girl still, as another tears off her shirt, revealing her breasts for one second. She is then punched, dropping her to the floor. Afterward, she is wearing an open coat, and a breast of hers can be seen for another second as she moves. A boy makes out with a girl for a few seconds in the background.

He has his hand up her shirt, groping her breast. This movie is very violent overall compared to what you would expect from an animated film.

A man walks along with a torso wound, blood soaks his coat and forms a pool as he lies down. A man falls from a bike, and a teen driving past hits him with a hammer, knocking off his helmet with blood splattering briefly. Two dogs attempt to attack a man, he shoots them both with blood splattering. A man confronts a firing squad of armed officers and is shot multiple times. Blood is shown. Authorities beat a man for a bit offscreen, his face briefly smears blood on the floor as his unconscious body is dragged away.

A gym coach punches one delinquent and slaps a few others. Some blood sprays. They walk out afterwards with a side of their face swollen. Blood briefly pours out of the punched one's mouth. A man is shot, and a part of his face is lacerated with much blood spewing out briefly. The exit wound is briefly seen, and he slides into the water with blood trailing him. In a rage, a teen boy hits a gang member seven times onscreen and a few times offscreen.

Blood spurts twice. A teenage boy hallucinates his insides falling out. Intestines, blood, and guts are visible as he attempts to put them back. Brief, but gory. A gun is found with a severed arm on the handle, which is shaken off. In a hallway, two guards and a doctor are exploded to nothing but blood and limbs. A lot of blood is on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Limbs and blood are briefly dripping from the ceiling as the boy walks away. Laser weapons are fired upon a mob of rowdy citizens. A laser hits a man's shoulder, making a large amount of blood spew out briefly.

A teen boy's arm is severed at the bicep by a laser weapon fired from the sky. A bloody stump is later seen, with blood dripping. A teen boy graphically and unwillingly turns into a giant mutation.

A girl is quickly crushed into nothing but blood. A large trail of blood briefly leads to a few dead bodies in a bathtub. A man shoots another man in the stomach, he collapses with some blood. He is later seen walking with blood on his jumpsuit. A boy steps on a glass and breaks it, with bits of blood splattering.

He then pulls the bloody pieces out of his foot. Some blood is on the floor in the next few shots. There are some drug references, but they are not very strong.

Teenage boys and their girlfriends smoke and share cigarettes in one scene, passing them to each other and lighting them for each other. Several adult characters are seen smoking. In the beginning, there is a bar and a few people are seen drinking. In one scene, a teenage boy demands a barkeeper sells him 'capsules', which are not specified.

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Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Parents' Ultimate Guide to

The flashing images were of the Icarus I crew members. While searching Icarus I, Searle comes across the photo of the crew members wearing Hawaiian shirts similar to the photo of the Icarus II crew members, who were wearing Santa hats.

We live because of the Sun. Ancient cultures worshipped it. Our solar system relies on its gravity. We use it to tell time.

Sunshine (2007 film)

Sunshine is a science fiction psychological thriller film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland. Taking place in the year , the story follows a group of astronauts on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun. The director cast a group of international actors for the film, and had the actors live together and learn about topics related to their roles, as a form of method acting. Theatrically, it was commercially distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures , while the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment division released the film in the video rental market. Sunshine explores physics, science and religion. Previous science fiction films that Boyle cited as influences included Stanley Kubrick 's film A Space Odyssey , Andrei Tarkovsky 's film Solaris , and Ridley Scott 's science-fiction horror film Alien. Widescreen DVD and Blu-ray editions of the film, also including the hi-definition theatrical trailer, scene selections, and director's commentary among other highlights, were released in the United States on 8 January

Parent reviews for Akira

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Mankind faces extinction. Seven years ago the Icarus project sent a mission to restart the Sun, but that mission was lost before it reached the star. Sixteen months ago I, Robert Capa, and a crew of seven, left Earth frozen in a solar winter. Our Payload: a stellar bomb with a mass equivalent to Manhattan island.

Cliff Curtis: Searle

Searle : Hey Capa, we're only stardust. Searle : Kaneda! What do you see? Searle : Prescription, two hours in the Earth Room.

A ship called Icarus I was sent to deliver an enormous nuclear bomb but disappeared and has not been heard from for seven years. The plan: drop it into the star and hope the explosion triggers a second life. Naturally, a contentious debate breaks out about a rescue, as it would jeopardize their own mission, but the prospect of two bombs rather than one is compelling. And a great moment is born. Lastly is Robert Capa Cillian Murphy , the onboard physicist who operates the bomb device and is a bit of an outsider from the group, generally lingering in orbit around them, mostly in silence.

That Moment In ‘Sunshine’ (2007): Kaneda Welcomes His Fate

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This movie is very violent overall compared to what you would expect from an We see Kaneda worry about Tetsuo as a true friend does, Tetsuo lose his grip  Rating: - ‎10 reviews.

Akira is a landmark of animation and one of the most influential films of all time. Set in a dystopian future, the film follows the story of Kaneda—leader of a biker gang in the futuristic city of Neo-Tokyo. When it was released in , Akira was like nothing the world had seen before. Chaotic, violent and relentlessly kinetic, the film elevated the craft of animation to new heights. It triggered an explosion of interest in manga, anime and Japanese popular culture throughout the western world, and influenced countless works of animation, comics, film, music, television and video games.







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