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Questions to ask your unfaithful boyfriend

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When you find out, you are likely not going to be thinking straight and feeling a lot, unsure what to do next. Did your spouse have a weak moment or are they not satisfied in your relationship? There will be tons of questions running through your mind. When you initially start bringing up the questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, they may be afraid to answer the questions. Here are a few cautions and tips:. No matter what, infidelity is incredibly difficult to handle.

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5 Things To Say When Someone Cheats On You & You Want To Talk To Them About It

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Questions are one of the greatest weapons we all have at disposal. However, the quality of the questions you ask is what makes the difference. In this article, we will first talk about the questions you should ask yourself before doing anything.

Then, about the 10 questions that you should ask your unfaithful spouse. This might be the most valuable insights that you will get out of this article, so pay attention.

Do you want to discover the 7 habits that made me happier, more productive and more fulfilled as well as the 10 habits that most people have that destroy their lives? First and foremost, before doing anything else, you need to understand and utilize one fundamental key:.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to change it! How can you expect to come up with good answers if you feel like lashing out at whomever might have the unfortunate experience to be around you at this moment? In other words, the first step you need to take is to change your emotional state. Finding out that your partner has cheated on you can be quite a shock. Under such circumstances, how are you supposed to remain calm and rational?

The truth is that it takes enormous courage and strength to be able to pull that off. However, everyone has the ability to do so. Rather, this is about managing your state at the present moment to get the most out of the communication with your spouse. As long as you can find the inner strength to be able to do that, you are on your way to mastering your emotions and increase the quality of your life.

Your emotions influence your demeanor as much as your behavior shapes your emotion. The quickest way that you can feel any emotion — whether it is sad and depressed, or happy and cheerful — is to change how you move your body. Our brains associate certain patterns with specific emotional states : how do you move when you feel hopeful , passionate , grateful , happy , cheerfu l..

Here is a quick way to radically change the way you feel: stand up , and as you smile and look up , make fast and strong gestures that indicates passion, excitement and enthusiasm.

Tune into your breath and break your pattern once again: start breathing as if you were totally excited! Make a radical shift in any aspect of your body that you can think of: tonality of the voice, volume and pace at which you speak, breathing, posture…. This alone has the power to transform you and go from being to a disempowering, unresourceful lousy state to a state of power and strength. Another key element when it comes to managing your state is changing your focus.

After all, what good does it do to be physically strong if your mind remains weakened? The primary reason why you feel so lousy at the moment is because of the rule and the trust that you think your spouse has violated and broken: in short, you feel a sense of loss and betrayal.

The fact of the matter is that there are many ways to deal with this challenge. For instance, one way would be to turn this event into a positive one which will instantly change how you feel. Some people like to turn painful memories into weird, fun ones by using this particular method that do wonders.

In this article we will focus on the most common and basic form of changing the focus. Concentrating on what makes us feel good and empowered instead of lousy and disempowered. They have the ability to change your focus — and so your life — in a heartbeat. In fact, this very same question made you feel lousy when you learned the truth about your spouse!

Those are the unconscious answers your mind came up with. Asking yourself questions is good, but playing along is better. Although your brain might not want to focus on this, force it to until it instinctively takes the bait. Questions hook the mind. Below are some questions you can ask yourself that will instantly change the way you feel.

Once again, play along and try to expand on your answers. For instance, what do you love about your life and why? How does that make you feel? When was the last time you really enjoyed yourself? Make sure that you elicit positive emotions and see how that changes your state. Your answers will serve as the foundation of your whole life. Before you move on to the next part and ask your unfaithful spouse the 10 questions, you need to get a clear answer on these questions and write them down on a piece of paper so that you know the purpose of confronting your spouse about what happened.

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to relationships: everyone wants something different out of it. Do you want to be with someone that will provide for you, or someone as ambitious as you are? Are they still the person you fell in love with? Find out what you truly want in life. Each time you find yourself hitting a wall and facing a major challenge, you will always go back to your core beliefs and values.

These are what drive us on a daily basis and have been shaped by our previous experiences as well as the people we most often spent time with. Take some time and write down what shaped you as a person.

This will help you get more clarity for the next questions. According to Tony Robbins, all human beings have 6 needs that must be met on an ongoing basis for any relationship to thrive.

The first need is that of certainty. Do you need to feel safe and secure at all times in order to feel good? Do you need to be certain that your partner loves you every single day? Next comes the need of uncertainty , which is the exact opposite. Are you driven by surprises and thrill? As you can imagine, someone whose most important need is certainty will act very differently and make completely different decisions than someone who is driven by uncertainty.

The third need is about significance. D o you need to feel special all the time in order for you to feel good? Significant people love to be praised and feel important, everything they do is out of this need. People operating from this need are looking to connect with people in whatever way that they possibly can: friendship, romance..

Then comes the last two needs which are for spiritual purposes: contribution and growth. Do you need to contribute to feel alive? Do you need to feel a sense of growth and that things are moving the way you want them to be?

All of us have rules that determine how we feel at anytime regarding different aspects of life based on our upbringing and many other factors. These rules act as anchors and trigger specific emotions when our rules get violated. You need to discover what your rules about relationships are in order to effectively deal with the infidelity of your spouse. Interestingly, the definition on cheating might be different depending on the individual! For some people, the act of even talking to the opposite sex is considered cheating and will inevitably trigger negative emotions.

Is that your case? Do you have rules that may have caused your spouse to cheat on you? Some of our rules are deal-breakers, you need to find them in order to define your boundaries. Does cheating instantly mean the end of your relationship or is it a challenge that can be overcame?

In what circumstances will you accept to move on and pursue your relationship with them and what will definitely end the relationship in the future?

Before you even have a conversation with your spouse about it, you need to first find areas of your life and decisions that you are willing to change if needed.. Are you willing to move out, or change your job? Are you willing to have kids, or to work on managing your emotions better? After answering all the previous questions, you should have a clear idea as to whether or not you wish to pursue the relationship by now.

For instance, as hard as it may be, not getting angry and resentful could be the first step. Not blaming them and taking full responsibility could change the entire dynamic as well. What else could you do to make sure that you two have the conversation that you both really need? Every question up until now have been designed to get you in the most resourceful state possible. This will translate to asking better questions and receiving better answers.

In other words, the purpose of the following questions is to get the best answers possible which will determine if the relationship should be put to an end. Whether it be valuable lessons from what they will tell you, or your gain your relationship back.

First, you need to know whether or not they intend to stay in this relationship in the first place. The following four questions to ask your unfaithful spouse have been designed to find that out. A lot of times, people get distracted because they feel weak which results in them cheating. Even if your spouse admits that they do, there is still a possibility that the relationship might get through this tough stage.

There are times when some people fall in love with two different persons. If your partner is committed enough to this relationship, they will eventually get over it. This is what makes the next questions so important. This will allow you to learn from your mistakes and extract value out of this experience to make your next relationship better.

In the case where they still do love you, move on to the next question. Find out whether or not they still consider a future with you, in which case you can ask the last question. If they truly regret what they did, they will automatically feel bad, anyway.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse + 3 Reasons Why People Cheat

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more. The disbelief; the shock; the devastation. You might start questioning your every move.

Discovering your partner has been cheating in an extramarital affair will rock your marriage. Exploring them will help you explore what healthy couples have done to heal their pain and move on with their lives.

Before you rush into breaking up with your cheating partner, its important to figure out where both of you stand in the matter. Read ahead as we tackle this super sensitive topic…. Being a victim of infidelity can be one of the very challenging experiences that one can face in a relationship. The fact is that it can come as a shock when you find out that your spouse has been cheating because you probably never suspected them or expected that they could betray you like that.

10 Questions to Ask Before Dumping a Cheating Partner

Cheating on someone is never, in any situation, a good thing to do. In this situation, a typical reaction would be to throw all their possessions out of the front door, change the locks and telephone all mutual friends to begin your campaign of vengeful terror against them. Either that, or crawl into the corner of a darkened room, adopt the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep. However, before ensuing upon the usual knee-jerk course of action and throwing their asses out in the street, you may want to think about whether the relationship is worth saving or not. The common claim that when someone has cheated once, then they will cheat again, no matter how much they protest this, does seem to prove generally true. But there may be, just maybe, certain factors and certain arguments that lead you to decide that the relationship is worth saving. The following list then discusses several of the most important questions regarding this decision. Cheating is cheating, after all.

10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse

Questions are one of the greatest weapons we all have at disposal. However, the quality of the questions you ask is what makes the difference. In this article, we will first talk about the questions you should ask yourself before doing anything. Then, about the 10 questions that you should ask your unfaithful spouse. This might be the most valuable insights that you will get out of this article, so pay attention.

Someone who can sit by your side while you think, or not think.

When your partner has admitted to cheating on you, it's the first step toward beginning to find the healing that needs to take place. You might be experiencing anger, sadness, and every emotion in between. Take time and space to let yourself feel whatever you need to feel, and then, when you are ready to have a conversation, think about what to say when your partner cheats.

10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse

Betrayal is a traumatic experience. The first reaction is that of storming out for ever , attacking our partner or self-harming. Much better is to get to the bottom of what happened, so that you can make the best possible decisions.

When you're in a relationship, it's totally normal to sometimes feel worried about your partner cheating on you — particularly if you've been cheated on in the past. Even if you trust your partner, we're all only human, and it's natural to feel anxious about even the mere possibility of being betrayed by someone you love. But if you want your relationship to be solid, stable, happy, and free of anxieties about cheating , it's important to address your concerns with your partner instead of letting your fears control you and affect your relationship. But, if one partner has a history of being cheated on and has anxiety about possible infidelity, having an open and honest conversation about it can do wonders for the relationship. Infidelity might not be the most fun conversation topic, but it's so important to be on the same page with your partner about what exactly cheating means to each of you, and to voice your concerns in a way that's constructive rather than destructive. Speak from your perspective, focusing on your own anxiety and worries rather than what you fear your partner might do.

50 Things to Ask for from Your Cheating Partner

Unfortunately, cheating happens. Sometimes, people do it once. Other times, it becomes a habit. Whether you and your partner have been together for a few months, or for a few years, being cheated on is never a fun feeling. If you have reason to believe your partner may be cheating on you, first off, stay calm. Don't jump to conclusions just yet, because it may not be what you think.

Nov 12, - Find out the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse as well as the 3 reasons why most people cheat in a relationship.

I went completely silent for about 10 long seconds. About 50 questions went through my mind, along with the shock, the rage, humiliation, and disbelief. They are often mentioned in journalism cf.







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