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Man killed wife and daughter in gainesville fl

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The following cases are currently unsolved Please help us bring the persons responsible for these crimes to justice. Daniel Adkins On Friday, December 6 th , at approximately pm, Patrol Officers responded to the wooded area in the block of E. University Ave.

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Gainesville, FL – Man Facing Homicide Charges After Death of Wife and Daughter

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Autopsies showed the victims had been thrown into the water while still alive, with ropes tied to a concrete block around their necks. The case became high-profile in when local police posted billboards bearing enlarged images of the suspect's handwriting recovered from a pamphlet in the victims' car. Chandler was identified as the killer when his neighbor recognized the handwriting. This was the first use of billboards by law enforcement in the US. Billboards then became useful tools in searches for missing people.

Prior to his arrest, Chandler worked as an unlicensed aluminum-siding contractor. Against the advice of his attorneys, he testified in his own defense , saying he had met the Ohio women and had given them directions. Chandler said he never saw them again, except in newspaper coverage and on the billboards set up by authorities.

Police originally theorized that two men were involved in the murders, but this was discounted once Chandler was arrested. Following his conviction, Chandler was incarcerated at Union Correctional Institution.

During his seventeen years of incarceration until his execution , he was notable for not having a single visitor. Chandler was executed on November 15, He wrote a last statement to prison officials, it said, "You are killing a [ sic ] innocent man today". The statement was read at a post-execution news conference.

Chandler was the fourth of five children born to Oba Chandler Sr. Chandler's youngest daughter was born in February Customs Bureau's Tampa office. When Chandler was fourteen, he began stealing cars and was arrested twenty times as a juvenile. In one incident, Chandler and an accomplice broke into a Florida couple's home, held them at gunpoint, and robbed them.

Chandler told his accomplice to tie up the man with speaker wire and took the woman into the bedroom, where he made her strip to her underwear, tied her up, and rubbed the barrel of his revolver across her stomach.

Authorities believe Joan became lost on June 1 during the return drive from Orlando to Willshire, and had decided to take an extra vacation day in Tampa. Photographs retrieved from a roll of film found in a camera in the Rogers' hotel room showed Michelle sitting on the floor. The last photograph was taken from the hotel balcony and showed the sun beginning to set over Tampa Bay, confirming that all three family members were alive and had not left their hotel room as the sunset began.

The victims' bodies were found floating in Tampa Bay on June 4, Petersburg , two miles 3. All three female bodies were found floating face down, bound with a rope around the neck, and naked below the waist.

Autopsies showed all three victims had water in their lungs, proving they had been thrown into the water while still alive. The partially dressed state of the three bodies indicated the underlying crime was sexual assault. Joan Rogers and her daughters were not positively identified until a week after their bodies' discovery, by which time Joan's husband and the girls' father, Hal Rogers, had reported them missing in Ohio.

The hotel manager contacted the police. The case remained unsolved for over three years, partly due to the volume of tips received by police investigators. The biggest tip came from a Madeira Beach police bulletin that described a similar rape of a year-old Canadian tourist that occurred two weeks before the Rogers' murders.

Billboards became useful tools in later searches for missing people. Through handwriting analysis, the two samples were matched conclusively. A palm print found on the brochure was also matched to Chandler, who had sold his boat and left town with his family soon after the billboards appeared. Investigators originally thought two men were involved in the murders of the Rogers family.

Hal Rogers's brother John was also considered a suspect, even though he was serving a prison sentence for the rape of a woman at the time of the murders. Petersburg Times said John may have planned the murder during a visit to his parents' property near Tampa a month before the murders.

Once the police established John could not have hired a contract killer , did not have accomplices , and could not have known the timing of his sister-in-law's and nieces' trip, he was dismissed as a suspect. Hal was also considered a suspect because he had posted bail for his brother knowing he had abused Michelle.

He had planned to use it to look for his wife and daughters before he was notified of their deaths. Investigations proved conclusively Hal had not left Ohio during that period.

At his trial in Clearwater, Florida , Chandler said he met Joan, Michelle, and Christe Rogers and gave them directions but he never saw them again except in newspaper coverage and on billboards. He said he had returned home late because his engine would not start, which he attributed to a gas line leak. There were, however, no records of distress calls from Chandler to either the Coast Guard or the Marine Patrol that night, nor were there any Coast Guard boats on the bay the following morning that could have helped him.

A woman named Judy Blair testified that on May 15, , two weeks before the Rogers murders, Chandler invited her onto his boat in nearby Madeira Beach for a boat trip on Tampa Bay, raped her and then returned her to shore. Blair had been with her friend Barbara Mottram, who refused Chandler's offer to join them on the boat. After Judy was raped, she told the court she returned to her hotel room where Barbara was waiting.

Blair stated that Chandler, on May 14, had given his name as Dave Posner or Dave Posno when the three first met at a convenience store in Tampa. A former employee of Chandler's testified that he bragged about dating three women on the bay on the night of the murders, and that the next morning he arrived by boat and delivered materials for a job and immediately set out again. Chandler's daughter Kristal May Sue testified that her father had talked about killing three women and that he was afraid of returning to Tampa.

She said she did not realize the significance of this sighting until Chandler's arrest in ; this sighting has never been confirmed. Chandler was found guilty of the murders and was sentenced to death on November 4, Because Chandler had already been sentenced to death for the Rogers murders and because prosecutors did not want to subject Blair to the emotional trauma of a rape trial, he was never prosecuted for Blair's rape.

Chandler awaited execution of his sentence at the Union Correctional Institution. Chandler was no longer allowed to see his daughter Whitney and in accordance with his ex-wife's wishes, he was not allowed to see later photographs of her. Profiling experts speculated Chandler may have killed previously, based on the belief that a first-time killer would not be experienced or bold enough to abduct and kill three women at once.

Chandler remained a suspect in the murder of a woman whose body was found floating off Anna Maria Island [57] until , when the body was identified as year-old Amy Hurst and her husband was arrested and charged with her murder. After his conviction, Chandler was named by media as one of Florida's most notorious criminals. In both cases, heightened media attention forced the selection of jurors who lived outside the county where the crime had been committed.

He would make your skin crawl. Judge Susan F. Schaeffer, who presided over the trial and ultimately sentenced Chandler [64] described him in a interview as "a man with no soul". She said, "It's the worst case as far as factually, and as far as a defendant without saving grace, that I ever handled. And I represented plenty of people who were not necessarily good people. Harrison said:. He is not putting a lot of pressure on me to go running around at the end to find some magic way out.

He is not going to make a scene. He's not going to bemoan the legal system. What he has told me is this: if there is some legal way that I can find to try to prevent him from being executed, he would like me to do what I reasonably can.

Harrison also said Chandler suffered from high blood pressure, coronary artery disease , problems with his kidneys, and arthritis. On October 12, , Harrison said although he was preparing to file a motion regarding the violation of his client's Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights in the case, he was unsure whether Chandler was willing to travel to Clearwater for the court hearing or would agree to the filing of the motion.

He doesn't like the ride and he's not well", Harrison said. The Florida Supreme Court had upheld Chandler's death sentence in and There's never one thing. It was the right case. Chandler's daughter Valerie Troxell said in an interview after the execution; "I believe they did execute an innocent man. I don't think my father alone could have pulled off such a heinous crime. It would have to have been more than one person The palm print would prove he did meet them and gave them directions, but it didn't mean he killed them.

I think the prosecution had a very weak case. The media can pretty much convict you. I don't think he got a fair trial. Chandler was living two miles 3. Berrios-Beguerisse, a year-old newlywed, was last seen at Sawgrass Mills Mall where she worked at a sporting goods store. When she did not return home, her husband went to the mall and found her car, a Ford Tempo , with the tires slashed.

It is believed Chandler, after watching the victim for two days, slashed the tires, arrived in the guise of a helpful stranger, and offered to help. Three hours after she was reported missing, her body was found under a residential mailbox in a local neighborhood by two men returning from a fishing trip. Berrios-Beguerisse's body was naked and had ligature marks on both wrists and legs, and brown tape stuck to her hair. Law enforcement agencies across Florida investigated other cold cases in areas Chandler was known to have resided.

Petersburg Times. The Rogers murders were featured in a episode of Unsolved Mysteries , which speculated that there were two attackers. In , Chandler, some members of his family, and Hal Rogers appeared in an episode of the Maury Povich Show featuring the case. Chandler appeared via satellite link. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American serial killer. Cincinnati , Ohio , US. Biography portal Law portal Florida portal Ohio portal. Archived from the original on December 22,

Georgia triple murder suspect arrested, toddler safe after Florida standoff

WCJB -- Gainesville man accused of murdering his wife and year-old daughter will be evaluated for the third time. State and defense attorneys had a case management hearing on Monday afternoon to discuss Paul Graves Williams's, 62, fitness to stand trial and the appointment of a third-party expert to conduct a mental health evaluation. Williams has gone through two competency evaluations that have differed in opinion now a third psychological expert is assigned.

When police were called to the upscale Gainesville, Florida, home of Mike and Sue Reuschel in the early morning hours of February 3, , they found the couple stabbed and bleeding. Mike told cops an intruder had crept into their house and attacked them. But when Sue awoke from surgery for her life-threatening in juries, she gave police a different story—saying Mike was her true attacker.

Gainesville, FL November 16, — In Gainesville , a man faced a variety of homicide-related charges after the death of his wife and his teenage daughter this morning, November Their bodies were found this morning. At this time, the two people who lost their lives were identified as year-old Leslie Williams and year-old Paige Williams. The two had been stabbed.

Suwannee County forester charged in brutal murder of wife, daughter

Search for:. Robert L. He was 80 years old. Born in Gainesville, FL, Dr. Bowman Bobby was a lifelong and devoted Gator fan. His education consisted of being a graduate of P. Campbell, Kentucky. Bobby was very active in many interests and hobbies.

Disturbing details released in murders of Gainesville mother, daughter

His next court appearance has not been set. The Alachua County Sheriff's Office has released the police report and the charges against year-old Paul Graves Williams after the murder of his wife, Leslie Williams, and year-old daughter, Paige Williams. In the report, Deputies say Williams confessed to the murders, saying he stabbed and killed his daughter first, before moving on to his wife. The report also details that Paul Williams stayed in the house for at least a day with the bodies of his family, before he ran away.

November 18, Law and public safety.

Ted Bundy was a s serial murderer, rapist and necrophiliac. He was executed in Florida's electric chair in His case has since inspired many novels and films about serial killers.

Gainesville man accused of murdering wife, daughter to be mentally evaluated for third time

Colette DuChanois , Web producer. About a. When the school tried to call her, investigators said, her husband, Paul Graves Williams, answered the phone instead and said something along the lines of "go check on her. According to Paul Williams' arrest report, deputies arrived and found the back door open and blood on the floors.

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Autopsies showed the victims had been thrown into the water while still alive, with ropes tied to a concrete block around their necks. The case became high-profile in when local police posted billboards bearing enlarged images of the suspect's handwriting recovered from a pamphlet in the victims' car. Chandler was identified as the killer when his neighbor recognized the handwriting. This was the first use of billboards by law enforcement in the US. Billboards then became useful tools in searches for missing people.


It ended Wednesday evening after a high-speed chase on a Florida interstate and a tense, hourslong standoff with authorities. Caesar is French was treated for injuries she sustained during the altercation and released. The Pontiac was finally spotted about p. The Florida Highway Patrol tried to stop the vehicle and a chase ensued, reaching speeds of mph down I-4, authorities said. The chase came to an end when Crockett wrecked the Pontiac on the exit ramp from eastbound I-4 to I He then barricaded himself in the vehicle with a gun and refused to hand over his son, according to officials.

Nov 18, - GAINESVILLE - A man was taken into custody Friday after his wife and teenage daughter were found brutally stabbed to death inside their.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, the investigation began when officials at Stephen Foster Elementary School noticed that Paul's wife, Leslie, had not come into work in the past few days. An employee at the school said they had been trying to contact Leslie for at least three days without success. Probable cause documents say that when concerned school officials again tried to call Leslie on Friday, they ended up reaching her husband, Paul, who told them to "go check on her. The Gainesville Police Department school resource officer then notified the sheriff's office and deputies responded to the Williams' household in Gainesville.







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