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How do you look for a new job while currently employed

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Job Title, Keywords. City, Province. But the vast majority are people looking to change jobs. How can you make the leap without losing your footing? By going undercover.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to discreetly job search while you are working.

Why it’s OK to search for a new job if you’re unhappy

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For the latest business news and markets data, please visit CNN Business. For whatever the reason, many people find themselves looking for jobs while still at their current job. It is possible to do this tactfully and to your advantage, according to human resource experts. Here are some of their tips on how to bow out.

The best time to start looking for the next step in your career is not when you think you're ready for it, says Christie Joseph, the vice president of human resources at Buffalo Sabres. She recommends being in constant contact with your professional connections, even when you're satisfied at your current job. Getting involved in your community can range to anything from joining a local business chapter or attending conferences related to your trade. Keeping in touch with professionals in your industry can help you make your transition when you're no longer happy with your job.

Don't do it on your employer's time or property. Related: Top 4 years why people hate their jobs -- and what to do about it. Instead, he recommends taking calls on your lunch hour, or using personal days to go on job interviews. A job hunting mistake that makes him cringe is when employees use company email to correspond with recruiters, or make phone interviews on company phones. If a job you're applying to asks you for professional references, don't write it off all together, Joseph says.

If you and your manager get along well, this may be a good opportunity to talk about your career aspirations with them. However, if you're having problems with your manager -- a problem commonly faced by job hunters -- she recommends asking a co-worker that is superior to you, though perhaps not your direct supervisor. Related: The problem with the lack of female leaders.

This should ideally be a person you can trust to keep the information of your job search confidential at work. The same goes for uncomfortable conversations about your job hunt, Burr says. If your boss confronts you about it and you were attempting to keep it a secret, consider the relationship you have with him or her. However, If you feel that your boss might undermine you in your job search, it is better to not be as truthful regarding the situation.

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How to look for a new job when you already have one

Are you unhappy with your current job or are you just looking for the next step in your professional career? It makes sense - and most experts would probably recommend searching for a new job while you are still employed. Because employers always want the best people and those usually have a job already - so to them you will seem much more alluring. But as good as that sounds - you have to be careful.

If you believe you would be happier in a different job, then the first step is to begin looking for a new position. It may be challenging to manage work while you discreetly look for a new role, but it can ultimately be beneficial to your search.

Perhaps they butt-heads with their immediate supervisor, or maybe the company is in a constant state of reorganization. Whatever your reasons are for leaving, job searching while employed requires secret agent-like discretion and stealth. How can employed white-collar workers channel James Bond or Jason Bourne in the job search? Consider the following covert moves:. For all other times, keep your job search and work separate.

How to Find a New Job While Employed

On the other, one false move and you could end up being fired or, at the very least, sully your reputation in the marketplace. Would remote work or a few days of telecommuting improve your outlook? Could you move to a different department? What can you do to make your current work situation more enjoyable and rewarding? You won't need as much time for onboarding, are already familiar with the company's technology and culture and can often contribute much more quickly, says Vicki Salemi, author, consultant and careers expert for Monster. Rehiring boomerangs decreases time to fill and our time to onboard. Companies already have 'intel' on former employees, so they can look back and say, 'Oh, this person was wonderful; maybe now they're more senior, or they have new skills or better experience they can contribute here,'" Salemi says. Late summer is a great time to launch your search, he says, as the number of available roles stays pretty constant, but the number of active job seekers drops. It's never smart to lie to your boss, but it may be a necessary evil if you want to hold onto your current job. So keep your job hunt on a need-to-know basis.

9 Things To Consider Before Job Searching While Employed

Looking for a job while employed and collecting a paycheck may seem like the best of both worlds, but it adds a few extra challenges that you'll need to account for. Recruiters and companies often prefer to work with still-employed candidates, since they are more likely to have up-to-date skills. However, applying for jobs while employed can spell logistical nightmare for you. Unless your boss has warned you of upcoming layoffs and has authorized you to use company time for a job search, you will have to channel your inner Jason Bourne and make your next steps stealthy. A recruiter or a potential employer will check your LinkedIn profile when your resume shows up.

People look for new jobs for a number of reasons, and oftentimes, they do so while they're still employed.

The following seven tips will make the process a bit easier the next time that you attempt to find a new position while holding onto your old one. No matter how hands-off your employer is, he or she could still happen upon your job-search emails, post-it notes or doodles in your planner. You should be working while at work.

How to look for a job – without looking like you’re looking for a job

For the latest business news and markets data, please visit CNN Business. For whatever the reason, many people find themselves looking for jobs while still at their current job. It is possible to do this tactfully and to your advantage, according to human resource experts.

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8 Tips for Searching for a New Job While You’re Employed

Unfortunately, it's true. Even during economic downturns, when many good people are unemployed, those who are employed have an edge if they're seeking new positions. Eagerness is a dead giveaway when job-hunting, says Job-Hunt. And it may be a turnoff to some employers, as harsh as that seems. Having a job gives you more leverage, too. And employers know that all too well.

Aug 13, - Looking for a new job while you're employed has advantages but it also What can you do to make your current work situation more enjoyable.

So, how do you perform an efficient and effective job search while you still have your current job? Here are a few tips to help you succeed:. Have a plan Once you decide to start your job search, set aside time to come up with a real concrete plan. To help you with your plan you can set up job alerts on sites like www. Have your resume prepped , your references in line and any other material ready on the spot.

How so? Job searching while employed can put you in a position of strength. And if your boss does find out about your job search and asks about it, be honest and have an upfront discussion about your efforts to seek employment elsewhere. Not only is it a dishonest practice, it may also set you up to be tracked by employers who monitor computer and phone use, and office supply inventory.

Finding your next job is like taking on another full-time position. Establish designated job search times Try to schedule interviews early in the morning or later in the day Don't slack off at your current job Play it cool: Don't overdo it with excuses or over share. How to job search without losing your current job.

Are job seekers who are currently employed more desirable candidates?

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