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Life can be so difficult these days that it's almost impossible to go through it successfully on our own. We honestly can't even imagine making it through some particularly tough obstacles—college finals, break-ups, job interviews and rejections—without our best friends holding our hands every big step of the way! When we're at a party, they're the ones holding our hair back when we've had too much to drink and have to spend half the night leaning over a toilet. When we're in trouble, they're not going to be able to bail us out because they were causing chaos right alongside us.

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20 Relatable Memes to Send to Your BFF on National Best Friend Day!

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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Love is a universal feeling, which is why it will forever be a source of inspiration throughout all creative mediums.

One of the newest and most popular artistic expressions are funny memes, which have become yet another way for people to express their feelings - including love. This collection of wholesome relationship and dating memes is the perfect list to send your significant other to let them know just how great you think they are; and no need for petty relationship tips, as the best memes have a capability of expressing all the little nothings you want to say to them. And sometimes, it is tough to speak about such serious things as love in a weighty tone; mostly because of fear of rejection or being seen as silly.

Thankfully, the Internet has got us covered in this department too, because saying 'I love you,' couldn't be easier than with a relationship meme.

The hilarious relationship jokes show all the feelings we go through in affairs from when your partner compliments you to when they leave, and you miss them terribly. So scroll down for a good laugh, some relationship advice and don't forget to upvote your favs! This post may include affiliate links. With true love, being their 1 fan and supporter is always rewarding in itself. Or you know, the girl might just pick up the phone to give it to him and not to peek.

This happens not just when you're dating - when I was 6 my laugh started sounding like my best friend's laugh. Quartzcat42 Report. For the past few years my family has done "ungifting. This year I'm going to donate to charities helping victims of the California wildfires.

Please, please stop using "bae". RIP Bob. So under appreciated during his lifetime, it's great to see how he's become popular now- I highly recommend his shows on auto tune YouTube they will put anyone in a good mood. AlecHostetler Report. Could someone please explain what's wrong with the dog? Apart from the clothes I don't see anything, I guess I'm just missing it? That would be a great relationship and if they split then hopefully they can still be friends. Or in my case: should I call him or will he think I am controlling him or something.

Last time my bf had a delay he told me later everybody was calling him apart from his woman lol. He was not really happy. Sorry honey I really love you After being in relationship with Him for Five years, he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused.

My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living to. My husband left me for another woman 3 months ago and ever since then my life have been filled with pains sorrow and heart break because he was my first love whom i have spent my entire life with.

He came back to me and now we are happy together. Thank you Dr Emwanta for bringing back my lover and also to my lovely friend who interceded on my behalf, for any one who might need the help of this great spell caster here is the. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard.

Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. Before Bored Panda, she worked as a social media manager and freelance graphic designer. When she is not photoshopping or searching for the most interesting photos for stories, she is usually watching good movies and says that The Godfather is the best. This series was disappointing. I should have known when reading the word "Bae" which seems to be on almost all entries that this is not about deep mutual love but about over-used memes and annoying self-expression.

Was really disappointing. To be honest I am more disappointed in myself for continuing to scroll down. This comment is hidden.

Click here to view. Yeah, you should be disappointed in yourself. But not the post. The post is amazing. I enjoyed a few of the first ones. I tried to adopt it into my lexicon when i first heard it, and my guy was like, "please Never judge the articles by its headline. They get edited. I do not think "meme" was in there when I commented. Some of the images were perhaps butterfly-worthy, but that ridiculous b-word affectation absolutely made nausea the predominating sensation reading this list.

I dipped out half-way through, but I'm tempted to go through it again just to downvote every post with that term in it Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app.

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50 Best Friend Memes That Your Group Chats Have to See

I got dumped by my best friend when she got a boyfriend. That boyfriend eventually turned into her husband, and now it feels like we're not even friends anymore. It really sucks. You go from seeing that person almost every day, to maybe once a month

Sorry, friends, but he knows weird shit about you and oh, hi his friends, you know loads of weird stuff about them. You'd prefer a night hanging out with them doing not much or a LOT, wink compared to just about anything else. You always have fun together, even doing the most boring things.

Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. Having a romantic partner who is also your best friend potentially sounds perfect. With your BFF as your romantic partner, you get the best of both worlds, someone with whom you can laugh, share your life and cuddle. When you look at seemingly happy celebrity couples like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, or Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow, not only do they appear to be in love, but they also seem to genuinely enjoy hanging out together.

I get it; you date my friend now. So I just feel weird how now my BFF is constantly talking to my boyfriend. My boyfriend stated that my approaching her with this will change the dynamic of something innocent and turn texts that mean nothing into something. And at best, they care more about each other than they do you. Understandably, that would hurt. But you have to open your eyes, hon. There is no reason they should be texting and calling each other constantly or, really, at all. There are respectful boundaries in place.

Distracted boyfriend meme

Each year on June 8th, we take 24 hours out of our busy calendar years to celebrate our absolute besties, our chosen families who make each day a little bit brighter and each social engagement a little bit more bearable. So, this June 8th, we hope you let your BFF know how much they mean to you. Take them out for a drink or 12 , send them a text, congratulate them with a Facebook post, and whatever you do, definitely send them these memes. Plus, did you know that women have better relationships with their best friends than they do with their husbands?

Life can be so difficult these days that it's almost impossible to go through it successfully on our own. We honestly can't even imagine making it through some particularly tough obstacles—college finals, break-ups, job interviews and rejections—without our best friends holding our hands every big step of the way!

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account.

50 Wholesome Relationship Memes You Need To Send To Your Significant Other

Best friends are those rare people whose weirdness frequency matches yours. They laugh with you, laugh at you, and make you laugh. Your bestie is the jelly to your peanut butter—they make life a little bit sweeter, even when things get sticky. Best friend memes celebrate the unique relationship of a BEST friend.

The distracted boyfriend meme is a meme based on a stock photograph by the Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem. Social media users started using the image as a meme at the start of , and it went viral in August as a way to depict different forms of infidelity. The meme has inspired various spin-offs and received critical acclaim. The stock image was taken in the city of Girona in Catalonia , Spain , in mid by the photographer Antonio Guillem from Barcelona. The image was uploaded to Shutterstock with the caption: "Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl. It's not allowed to use any image without purchasing the proper license in any possible way, so each one of the people that use the images without the license are doing it illegally.

16 signs your boyfriend is your best friend

Memes might as well be an official bff love language. Send a few back and forth with your besties and you basically had a whole conversation. A post shared by wholesome memes selflovinhoes on Mar 2, at pm PST. A post shared by Wholesome memes wholesome. April fools? More like we are fools.

New funny comics dirty life 36 ideas Freaky Memes, Freaky Quotes, Naughty Quotes, Yeah I Have Founded My Guy Best Friend Already Best intended for Having He doesn't have to be your boyfriend many girls prob have boy bestfriends ;.


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