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Girl meets world fanfiction riley and lucas break up

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Summary-Riley finally breaks, but she didn't expect the reason she would break would be because her of her parents and best friend. I just want to say a quick thank you to 3 people: imaginarybird for helping me out of my funk. I want to thank grizbehr for helping me to write some of the paragraphs and lastly I want to thank laurabelle for reading and for encouraging me The words were spoken so quietly, yet the whole room managed to go silent, turning to look at the girl who had finally spoken her thoughts. The Matthews living room was filled with family and friends and Riley hadn't meant to say a word, but here they were celebrating Maya winning the art competition, which Riley was so proud of her best friend, but seeing her own parents beaming with happiness she just snapped. Riley takes a deep breath, noticing that all eyes were on her.

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Lucas and Riley

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I love the characters, but if I make them seem OOC especially Farkle then you guys can give me some critique on how I can make them seem more like the actual characters I feel like I'm gonna suck writing Farkle.

It's a Lucaya and Riarkle fanfiction, but it starts out with Rucas and Smarkle because every ship deserves a chance. Maya groaned, burying her head into her pillow. The blonde could hear her mother stomp from down the hall, and knock on her door, yelling at her to get up. When Maya didn't respond, Katy tried opening the door, only to realize that it was locked. Maya smiled as she heard her mom bang on the door once more.

She knew her mom was going to force her to be up early for her first day of her junior year, so she locked the door on purpose not to be disturbed. Don't make me break down this door! Maya snorted as she got up and threw off her covers. She knew that her mother would never have the guts to break down the door, because that meant explaining to Shawn how the door was broken down in the first place, and having to buy a new one.

And they both know that they don't have the time or the money to buy a new door, as ridiculous as it sounds. Maya opened the door, and cocked her hip while Katy gave her the stink eye. No need to get your panties in a twist," Maya walked past her mom to get to the bathroom.

That was pretty much their relationship. Katy would yell at Maya, Maya would say something sarcastic and inappropriate, Katy would use the joke as a threat, and at the end of the day they would share a laugh at their ridiculousness and go buy ice cream or something. Ever since Maya's dad Kermit left, Katy wasn't really there. Maya constantly depended on the Matthews to take care of her most of the time. But when sophomore year came around, Katy seemed to be there more and more, and Maya couldn't be happier.

After all, who was she going to make inappropriate jokes with besides Zay? Riley was way too innocent to make those kinds of jokes with, especially since her father keeps pulling her out of Sex Ed. Farkle would turn it into something boring, and Smackle would probably find a way to direct it to her and Lucas, much to his chagrin and everyone's amusement. Maya came out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her head and body when there was a knock on her door.

Katy sighed as she shooed Maya into her bedroom, "See? This is why you need to get up earlier for school. Now everyone is here, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to see you naked. Katy rolled her eyes as she opened their apartment door, which revealed a beaming Riley and the rest of their gang. Riley marched into their living room, looking around for the blonde in question. I want to see my Peaches, where's Peaches?

Would you guys like anything to drink? Win the lottery," Zay rolled his eyes. Maya came out of her bedroom barefooted, as she searched for something. Riley dropped her bookbag on the floor and cheered. We're finally in our junior year, the best year of our lives! But Maya knew that Riley was right. Ever since she met her best friend in the bay window, every day was like a new adventure for them.

Then four more entered their circle, and they've been super close ever since. Sure they've had their ups and downs, but their friendship has always prevailed no matter what happened, whether it was a love triangle, or a ridiculous argument. Maya couldn't have asked for better friends. She had all she needed: the joker, the moral compass, the optimistic sunshine, the geniuses, the rebel. If that's not a diverse group of friends, then what is? Hunter," Lucas assured her.

Have fun at school guys! Farkle practically dropped to his knees and kissed the school grounds, "Oh sweet school, how I've missed you so! It's like a second home for days of the year," he beamed as he stood up.

Zay shook his head, still eating his donuts. I only chose like two. I'm sure there's nothing to be afraid of. Maya rolled her eyes at their sappiness. Lucas and Riley have been dating for a while now one year to be exact , and it's like things have never changed between them. Riley still acts like her goofy self from seventh grade around him, smiling almost always too brightly and blushing ninety percent of the time. Lucas always gives her these reassuring smiles and cute little hugs and all the mushy stuff.

Maya didn't mind not having a boyfriend. As long as Riley was happy, she was happy. And she wanted nothing more than to see Riley be happy. Her happiness came before Maya's after all. She wouldn't change that for the world. Besides, Maya's pretty sure that even though they seem like that cute adorable couple, they're like freaks in the sheets. Speaking of which…. Zay coughed on his last donut, whereas Smackle and Farkle's eyes widened.

Riley and Lucas grew beet red in a second. Zay waggled his eyebrows suggestively, "Yeah Lucas, I even bought you all those condoms a few weeks ago. I swear I didn't buy them! The entire student body was dead silent and Lucas and Riley both wished that they were invisible at this point. Lucas covered his face in shame and Riley hid her face behind her hair. Maya and Zay were both trying so hard to contain their laughter, and Farkle and Smackle stood off to the side, pretending they had nothing to do with them.

Riley and Lucas slowly turned their heads towards her, both with narrowed eyes and a scowl on their faces. Maya faced the other way and picked up her schedule and walked as far as she could from the raging couple. Everyone nodded in agreement, pretty happy about the arrangements that they have.

Those four classes were the only classes they had together as the six friends. But besides those courses, they either had a class with someone else or just by themselves, except Farkle and Smackle, who had the same exact schedule. I need my Hart to live! Maya patted the tall girl's head, "Har har, very funny, Riles.

Come on, at least we have first period together. History with your father, remember him? Maya laughed as they walked towards their history class, nostalgia hitting them for the fifth year in a row. Matthews was writing something on the board. Cory turns around and throws his hands up in the air when he sees the same students he's had in his class for so many years.

The kids groaned and Cory mimicked them. Maya was sitting behind Lucas, and Riley sat in front of him. In the next row, Zay sat behind Farkle who sat behind Smackle. Everything around us changes; people change, our environment change, our lives change…". Riley shrugged, opening up her lunch bag and taking out the contents. It's like he feels as though he has to, otherwise we would never really understand it.

I just want to…change that. Riley chuckled, "Maya, it's not like he talks about change all the time. It's only when he feels like something big is going to happen to us. Zay rolled his eyes, "I think I like being the flirt of the group, thank you very much. What about Maya? She's not seeing anyone, and no one pressures her into dating.

Maya rolled her eyes, "I'm not interested in going out with anyone at the moment. Besides, dating is not exactly my forte. The rebel, the badass, the Blonde Beauty," Maya and Lucas fought the blush coming onto their faces. Come on, what was the last date you went on? Maya thought back, "I guess it was two months ago with…Brandon? The rebel? It was a fun date, but he didn't say much and we both knew that it was only going to be one date anyway.

No hard feelings. Maya made a face at the nickname, "Whatever, Huckleberry. You guys know how I feel about change.

After a short-is hiatus, I'm back. It's a bit angsty but I hope you like it. And it may just may, I'm not sure be a little OOC, so sorry for that. Maya couldn't believe what had just happened.

A Christmas Breakup. The group are sophomores in high school.

It was going to be a fluffy one-shot featuring Farkle's gadget watch, but then I wrote it and it sounded like the prologue to something and now here we are. It only took him a few seconds before he realized something was wrong, her head buried in her locker. He quickly stopped and cautiously turned to her. Farkle stumbled backwards, taken aback by her sudden action. For what felt like forever, they just stared at each other; Riley was breathing heavily through clenched teeth while Farkle searched for face for something he could say to help.

More Rilaya and Zarkle conversation! I apologize for Lucas's absence in this chapter. But I'll make it up to you guys in the next. I promise. Or at least try. Even though she was way off of Missy's radar and her bruises have healed quite nicely, Riley feared that the minute she got back with Lucas, the bullying would continue. So she just gave up on him. It was hard, seeing him at school all the time, but she somewhat managed. Maya still didn't believe it. She could tell Riley still had strong feelings for him.

The characters are all around twenty-six and twenty-seven at the time of our story. There are some more adult scenes, which is why this story is rated M. Lucas Friar couldn't believe that he was packing up everything in his Texas apartment that he'd called home for the last four years, he only had one more thing to pack away. The poster board he'd used had faded, and he could see the outlines of dreams and goal's he'd accomplished, which he removed. Some had been replaced with other short term dreams, but only one thing remained from when he'd first made the board.

A little while ago, I crossed the threshold of followers on tumblr and held a one shot give away.

As the class was getting up to leave school for the day, Cory called Lucas back. Lucas looked at Maya, Farkle and, especially, Riley in confusion. They shrugged, saying they didn't know why their twelfth grade History teacher would call him back. Like Mr.

Author's Note: Ok folks! It's time for the flashback chapter! Thanks to all who helped out because this was going to be a crucial chapter either it was the Rucas Flashback or Lucas' First Mission, the Rucas breakup won via knockout so here we go, the winner of your votes and damn were you guys clutch so mad love to you guys

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Riley was still in love with Lucas but now he is dating Maya. Riley just break up with Charlie because she likes him but it isn't love. Riley now doesn't talk with Maya and Lucas often because they don't know about what Riley is feeling and she doesn't want to hurt Maya. They are speaking and school but don't hang out after it. Only Farkle now how she feels but he also doesn't tell them too because Riley beg him to that. Maya doesn't that Riley break up with Charlie because her best friends want only talk about Maya staff.

I love the characters, but if I make them seem OOC especially Farkle then you guys can give me some critique on how I can make them seem more like the actual characters I feel like I'm gonna suck writing Farkle. It's a Lucaya and Riarkle fanfiction, but it starts out with Rucas and Smarkle because every ship deserves a chance. Maya groaned, burying her head into her pillow. The blonde could hear her mother stomp from down the hall, and knock on her door, yelling at her to get up. When Maya didn't respond, Katy tried opening the door, only to realize that it was locked. Maya smiled as she heard her mom bang on the door once more.

Jul 13, - Cory was genuinely concerned for his daughter's relationship. On one hand, he was sad that Riley was growing up, dating Lucas, and going off to.

Hey guys. So this is my first story I've written and I'm super excited. I'm not the greatest at writing but I just wanted to giv e it a shot.

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I decided that this is the first story of maybe three? Please comment what you want or what you think will happen and I see you guys tomorrow :! But I still want you to be my girlfriend. Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Why would you want to do that?

It hurts, to see them together, painfully awkward because they don't know how to act around each other anymore. And it hurts to watch Riley suffer in silence, because she sacrificed the person she could love, for the person she cares about the most. And you knew that Lucas coming was a bad thing, knew it as soon as he walked into the classroom, and charmed both of your friends. Because they're not the same anymore. They're not Riley and Maya, best friends that could conquer the world.

Welcome, readers! Before you start reading my new multi-chaptered fic, let me just get some things across. The first two chapters are kind of boring, not going to lie, but I wanted some fluff before chaos ensues in future chapters. But once we reach chapter three, it should get a lot more interesting. Also, I took the opportunity to include some foreshadowing in this chapter and it's very obvious. The two had become good friends ever since Lucas started dating Riley.

Maya pulled Lucas aside, preventing him from getting more angry than he was. He huffed, and stared at the floor as a frown painted Maya's face. I've never seen you this angry before. Maya listened to him thoroughly, noticing how hurt he looked when the name Evan fell off his tongue.

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