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I'm not sure if I will use it in this story, as I should probably inform you all that we are coming to a conclusion soon. I'm thinking 5 or less chapters, depending on how I decide to wrap it up. However, Mrs. I was debating it, but I decided that is where I want to go with this story next. The prequel will be lighter, and will explore in greater depth the build up to Lucas asking Maya out.

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But I do own the plot. Thank you to Jess for pointing out my error in Auggie's age. I miscalculated. But I immediately fixed that mistake and it all makes sense. Once again, thank you for telling me that. It was a huge relief for me to be able to switch from the lumpy bed to a comfortable wheelchair for my numb backside and to be able to smell fresh air as fresh as it can be in a building full of sick people beyond my room.

I've never been to this one hospital, not once stepped a foot inside it, but my skin wa crawled over with goose bumps at the eerie atmosphere of the building.

There was nothing wrong with the way it looks or the people operating it but I can assume it is my own body making me feel this way because I'm still trying to grow accustomed to this thirty-year-old body. I didn't like it; it made me feel used and withered. Kind of like those rented tuxedos that men would use when they're too cheap to own their own and take the risk of getting a disease.

I felt like that only times two with the exhaustion of sleeping for so long added to the equation. My room neighbors would give me a hug or a kiss on the cheek before they gave the same treatment to Rily, leaving me bewildered. Riley had to explain to me that some of them were anticipating for my return a much as she and the others did for the sake of them and myself.

My revival from my comatose sleep was basically the talk of the building as I could hear my name being whispered among the employees and feel their gazes burning a hole in the back of my head whilst Riley whisked me away from that gloomy room. The walk through the corridors of the hospital was steady, soothing, as I listen to the conversations of humble elders and sentimental ones of couples who are speaking their last words to each other before their disease carried them away.

I'd cringe and turn away from the scene. This is why I never liked hospitals; seeing people lose their lives for some unfathomable reason that seems clearly unfair and watch the closest person have to suffer with the pain of someone they love to finally be gone.

I disliked it more knowing I was close to the gateway to heaven a few hours ago and I somehow managed to escape from its trance. I'm suppose to be dead but instead I'm here breathing in air condition while Riley guided me around the hospital and talked to me endlessly about anything, about everything. She didn't tell me anything about herself - I told her I wanted us to be alone and private for when I learn about her life - but she spoke about things that interested her like the new flavor at the new Starbucks cafe that was built down the street, wanting to get a newborn golden retriever she saw up for adoption in a shelter on 17th Street, and talking about her new idea of design for her to do on her living room, saying she needs to change it up a bit to bring in a little of light.

All of these things didn't interest me as much as I pretended to be; I was more focused on what she could have done all these years without me, what kind of woman she has grown into, and what kind of impacts or marks has she left behind for the next generation to follow.

I was grateful for one thing for sure. Riley had gone back to her home to collect some spare clothes for me to wear in the meantime of her visit and they fit snuggly as I hoped. It was obviously some old clothes she no longer wears, I assume, because they fit a little loose and Riley's form seemed too petite for it. She also helped untangle my hair from its whirlwind of tormenting knots, miraculously reverting it back to its natural wavy locks like I last remember it to be, and she even smuggled in a takeout of Paco's Tacos so I wouldn't eat the flavorless oatmeal and chicken soup like the nurses have been trying to force me to do.

The first bite of the tacos was like a forgotten taste of nirvana. During the tranquil walk, Riley had asked the head doctor for permission to allow me to take a scroll around the small open field located in the back of the building that is meant for the elders or children with disabilities.

He seems to have recognized me by name because he was quick to give us access to the place and had written us a note in case security guards or if other employees tried to send us back inside.

The hallway leading us to the backyard, as they like to call it, of the hospital was long and narrow. There were very little rooms found. Most of them were offices of the doctors, a break room for the employees to escape from stress, a lounge for the mobile patients to mingle with another, and the following doors were to semi-private pregnancy rooms, where some were full of shrieking women doing through painful contractions. I had to cover my ears from the ringing caused by their noises and Riley was quick to dash us out of the small area of the corridor.

When we nudged through the back door, I held back the astonished gasp threatening to break out of me as I was greeted by the sight of the field. It looked like an open meadow with grass probably greener than the one from Central Park, a table under the nice shade of the lone tree, a few patches of wildflowers growing, and a single bird bath in the center of it all.

Patients of all ages are seen scattered throughout, talking or playing. I was in awe as Riley moved us deeper into the field, putting in an extra nudge because my wheels were squeaking in protest against the dirt.

I could feel the tips of the grass strands tickle the sole of my feet and the petals brush lightly between my toes. Sighing softly, I rolled my head back and stared up at the sky.

A clear blue ocean with a few tiny clouds floating by ever so freely, I couldn't help but admire them as I lost myself deep into my thoughts. I could relate to that cloud in my current situation of just moving around blindly without any sense of direction yet.

Riley reached the table then and she walked around the wheelchair to give me assistance to stand up but I brushed her off. I wanted to do so myself but she was stubborn about me being hard-headed and continue to insist for her help.

You're lucky you didn't lose conscious from falling on your head again. And I'd be more calmer if you don't start trying to walk again until after you do physical therapy. Usually you're so mellow after taking a nap. In fact, we should always remember this day; an anniversary. The day Maya left the hospital - that sounds about right," she rejoiced, seeming in high spirits than usual. She reached inside the large purse she had brought along with her and brought out a small notebook where she started to mark this date.

I stared at her akin to amusement and joy. Putting away my crabby mood, Riley seemed like that little girl I remembered her to be, all cute and naive, at this moment, being so concentrated over something so trivial. Surely me getting discharged isn't worth that much of a hassle to put into memory. A familiar mischievous bubbly inflated within me like it used to as I slowly crept my hand up and snatched the book from her hands, grinning slyly like the rebellious girl I was.

Or used to be. Her pout was still the most undeniably appealing feature about that only seem to grow more irresistible with her age. It was the many things about her that made the boys in her grade trip over their feet when they pass by her in the hall or gawk at her in a lustful trance. I can imagine how much it is affecting men in her, or our, age nowadays.

I instantly surrendered and handed the notebook back to her. She gave me a lively scowl and wagged her finger at me as if she were my mother. For a millisecond, I was reverted back to a time during our senior year, our last week in high school to be specific, and we were in our free period. The way she looked now was the way she was before, looking through the backpack for an essay she had due for Economics and she was panicking because she could not find it within her textbooks and notebooks.

Then I was brought back to now with her keeping her purse organized and looking more like her mother on a good day. I couldn't help but feel touched to see her put such an effort to keep this as an important date in her life, one bittersweet yet joyous because of this occasion, and to see her old flame of faith consume all of her anguish away to grow into a raging fire of elation.

Without a second thought, I tenderly hugged her around her waist, nuzzling my nose into her blouse, inhaling the holy scent that came with it, and let myself loose into the enjoyment of her presence right in front of mine.

Although I could only remember her like I have only seen her yesterday, my body felt like it had been a decade since it came in contact with her. Noticing my affection, Riley leaned into my embrace, leaning her head down to rest her forehead on the top of my head, her hair falling around us to conceal us as she returned the hug with equal warmth and gently stroke my hair.

I turned my head to the side and whispered softly, "You really missed me, did you, Pumpkin? Without another word, I fluttered my eyes closed while I listened to her breathing sooth and soft. If felt comfortable to be in this position, like the many other times whenever one of us are in need of each other's comfort during our tough times, and extremely sentimental.

Neither of us said anything, just appreciating the moment, our very first since I've fallen, like it would be snatched away from us at any second. It nearly did and I don't want to take it for granted again. Then she held out her hands out to me. I let out an exaggerated groan, rolling my eyes, but resigning and allowing her to carefully haul me up onto my limp legs. She quickly curled an arm around my waist under my arm and slung the other over her shoulder as she guided me to one side of the table.

I hadn't realized I was a walking dead weight until I slumped against the wooden seat and a sudden relief washed through me to be able to take the pressure off of my legs as I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding the entire time.

It won't be long until you're able to walk again. That's why the doctor suggested the physical therapy - helps your nervous system to get back on track. It was an instinct for me to quickly agree with her when it comes to her unbreakable faith in things. It has led me to good things despite my personal trust issues with stranger. I ran a hand through my recently brushed hair and sighed. I think that's considered being left behind.

Everybody was hoping you'd wake up eventually. And you did And that's worth more than you think. I bit my lip. It hurt to hear her speak. It was like a stab to the heart to listen to her speak in the tone of a woman of experience of life while I was still used to hear the voice of a little girl full of imagination and naivety.

It was as if my childhood flown by without me. In a way, it really did and it left me with the Riley I am with now. Miller but I want to hear the full story. He said it was a terrorist attack. With ancient terror in her eyes, Riley nodded. It was from ISIS. One of the members had dressed themselves into a normal civilian to get into the airport and look like he was going to on a trip.

The details of the whole thing are still sketchy to me but apparently he got caught by security guards at the entrance or he was aiming for it and it resorted to him fusing the bomb he had hidden under his clothes. Suicidal bomber. That wasn't the only one - there were two more in other airports around New York; one inside an airplane departing at JFK and another at the gates in LaGuardia.

I shook my head. Temporary memory loss? She placed her hands on mine, rubbing her thumb over my knuckles.

I have been slacking so much with my writing lately and I am so sorry! I hit a slight writer's block and was not satisfied with anything that I wrote. I did not want to post something that would disappoint and wanted to give you guys my best work! I have been watching old episodes of Girl Meets World so I am hoping that gets me some good ideas and the writing flowing! Thank you for sticking with me!

That's all she heard through the seven-hour car ride. Riley rolled her eyes, pressing down on the gas, twisting down the curvy road, "You guys, please-". We've been hearing you yap for over an hour!

But I do own the plot. Thank you to Jess for pointing out my error in Auggie's age. I miscalculated. But I immediately fixed that mistake and it all makes sense.

I'm so sorry for taking so long I've been in the hospital these days. I wasn't doing so well but I'm back now. Here's another chapter. They left the room leaving Josh and Maya alone. Josh, it's not only about taking me to class. It's taking me everywhere! Class, restroom, baths, to my dorm… I know Riley will help a bit, but still I don't want to be a —". Maya…" he cupped her face.

New chapter for you guys! Follow the drill; follow, favorite, and comment! I call Mom just to make sure she doesn't get worried. Lucas leads me to a fair. He wheels me in.

As the three of them walked around the museum, Maya started to feel dizzy and clutched her stomach. Noticing this, Shawn looked at her worriedly "I think it's time we get you back Maya.

Riley Matthews and Maya Hart walked into their 7th grade history class, and their teacher was none other than Cory Matthews. The girls took their seats and started chatting about what their plans were for this weekend. We will talk about what it was like to live in Mississippi back in the s and s," said Cory.

I am so happy that y'all loved the last chapter! I know it may seem a little cliche, and I'm not really the type to mostly write cliche things, but I couldn't help it. I knew I wanted to make it happen, and I was trying to hint at in This is Growing Up and in some of the chapters this story, but I'm not sure how good of a job I did with that. But anyway, I am so happy to read y'alls reviews and to see that y'all love what I'm doing with the story so far just makes me happy to write for y'all.

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Shawn had entered the room. He greeted his wife good morning with a kiss on the cheek and his daughter with a kiss on the head. Katy and Shawn helped Maya off the bed and walked her to the bathroom. Katy had leaned Maya against the wall. She took out a white dress with a gray cardigan. Maya glanced at her bruises in the mirror.


Mar 12, - Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - [Lucas F., Maya H.] [Riley M., Farkle M.] A nurse comes into Lucas's room with a wheelchair.








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