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Girl meets world fanfiction lucas jealous

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Author Note: You wonderful awesome readers have been begging me for this one. So here it is. Maya is still boiling with anger as she sits on her bed attempting to sketch, clear her mind but all she can think about is seeing Riley and Lucas holding hands, kissing, the way the Riley stood up to her. Where the hell did that come from? Who the hell was Riley to decide if something existed between Maya and Lucas or not?

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Jealous, A Rucas/Joshaya Fic

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Author Note: If you have never heard of the boyfriend candle, google it right now. You're welcome. Also here is some high school Rucas! If Lucas Friar ever forgot what day of the week it was, all he had to do was get close enough to Riley Matthews to smell her hair. He wasn't sure why, but every day she used a different scent, Monday was always strawberry, Tuesday was usually coconut, Wednesday was jasmine, Thursday was mango, and Friday was Rose, on days when she's feeling a little down, she'll use peppermint.

She's used peppermint a lot since they got back from Texas, so much show that it's starting to become her signature scent and it's not even Christmas. That's what he's thinking as he stands behind her at her locker asking if she's ready for the test in English and what she thought of the book they read.

Riley needed him to leave, he'd been too close, so close she could smell his body wash, cologne, whatever it was of his that left her with the hints of Sage and Cedar, that could calm her, but excite her, allow her to get lost in fantasies of what could never be. She stood at her locker for a moment, knowing when he was really gone. She gathered her items for class, but all she could think about was how good he smelled. She tried not to get close enough to him anymore, but it was burned in her memory.

And if she was honest with herself she let that memory come to her every night for a half an hour before bed when she would burn what the internet had dubbed the boyfriend candle. She kept it hidden in her nightstand drawer and she'd taped a picture of Chris Evans to it, just in case anyone did find it.

But really it was all Lucas, for those thirty or so minutes a night she could pretend that she hadn't messed everything up, she could pretend to feel his arms wrap her up in a hug, the pressure of his lips against hers, the way he would smile at her and only her. Lucas was thankful when he got to the lunch table after Riley sat down, but before Maya or Farkle could join them.

He took a seat next to her; he gave her a soft smile as he watched her picking at her lunch. These are the answers he gets from her now and he's sick of it. He's tired of her fake smile, these non-answers and the smell of peppermint. Lucas looks down at Riley's tray, she's barely eaten so far and she's really just pushing her food around.

Does no one else see this? Maya sure doesn't, she's whining about something to Zay. Farkle seems to be picking up on it, but he's also been different as well. He's so close Riley is sure if she let herself she could just lean into him, breathe in his scent and everything would be okay.

But she can't. All Riley wants to do is go home, curl up on her bed and light the candle for a little while, relax and pretend today, this week, this month, none of it was happening. As she pushed her chair out, she falls over towards Lucas just a little, but enough that he watches her. She can feel her hands shaking, her heart racing the butterflies in her stomach as she gets that wonderful whiff of him. Pulling away quickly, she tries to smile, she knows it's forced but no one else seems to notice, well except Farkle and they haven't really spoken since New Year's Eve.

Lucas pushed up from the table and looks around at his friends, Maya is lost in whatever the hell goes through her mind, Zay has locked eyes with a cheerleader across the room, Farkle is looking towards the doors and appears to be in an internal struggle.

He searches around the school, trying to figure out where she would go when he finds her in the library, tucked near the back in the fiction section. She's in a chair, a book open in front of her, but he has a feeling she's not really reading it. Her eyes are glassy with tears when she looks up and she sucks in her breath like she's trying her hardest to just breathe. She sucks in her lips, as she silently counts to ten before answering him. He reaches out to take her hand but she pulls away and he feels a stabbing pain in his chest, "Riley, if you want to talk I am here.

No matter what, I am here for you. Before she can answer the bell rings and she automatically gathers her things, she takes a look at him those warm green eyes seem to be pleading with her.

He watches her, worried for her, deciding right then and there he's going to do something to cheer her up, let her know he cares, that he's noticed something is wrong. He just isn't sure what yet though. When school is finally out Riley goes straight to the subway, following the directions on her phone to the nearest mall. Everything is overwhelming her today and she needs the escape from her friends, from everyone. At the mall she can wander around for a while in the candle shop, in the body shop, she is almost out of peppermint shower gel.

She checks that she has her phone and wallet in her bag as she finds a seat on the train and pulls out the book she checked out earlier. It's old from the s, maybe the s, it's cheesy, over the top, but it's something that in a way is all her own as she gets lost in the ridiculous story of twin sisters and their high school drama.

In a way it makes her feel a bit better about her own life. Lucas can't seem to ditch Farkle once school is out, even when he tells him he's going out to the mall.

So here they are sitting on the subway when Farkle finally looks to him. Farkle shakes in head, "I mean I sit behind her in almost every class, I don't even notice. But you sit behind Maya in another row; you'd have to get pretty close to notice. Lucas feels the blush flush over him, "I mean I might notice when I talk to her at her locker, or in the lunch line, or when I hold the door open for her.

What did I just—? Farkle looks in the same direction, "What's she doing on this train her Dentist is like a block from school. You've noticed that Riley is upset. You're sitting on a train we don't normally ride, and I have a feeling we're going to the mall, right?

Farkle thought for a moment, trying to figure out the best way to put this all together. So why haven't you told her? Lucas looks back at his friend, "I'm not sure she would believe me. She keeps putting Maya's potential happiness over her own, I'm not sure she would believe me. So that's why I said friendship, with both of them.

Sometimes he believed he did love them the same, but he wasn't sure really. Farkle looked over to Riley who was still lost in her book. I love them both, just differently. Lucas breathed a sigh of relief, "Do you think the girls would be upset if they knew you loved them differently? Lucas did the same; neither wanted her to think they were following her. Riley was a young woman on a mission as she navigated her way through the mall finding the candle shop.

She was assaulted by the mixtures of scents as she looked for the candle that had been her only hope for solitude the last few months. She stared at the selection of sizes, weighing her options before she decided to just go for it and get the biggest one, two actually. As she made her way to the counter to pay, feeling like someone was watching her she turned around, not seeing anyone. As she left the store, she didn't see Farkle and Lucas go in and start looking for the same color candle she'd just purchased.

The clerk laughed as she went to the shelf and pulled two small votive down, "It's got this crazy following online, it's a masculine smell, that's been described as Captain America ripping a log in half with his bare hands. Lucas picked up one of the small candles and smelled it, it was familiar. Of course it did. He got a medium sized candle and some smaller ones.

He couldn't help but wonder why Riley was so into this candle, maybe it was just her not-so-secret obsession with Chris Evans. Riley decided to stop in the bookstore before going to the bath shop. She had finished the book she checked out from the library earlier, and wanted something to read on the way home. Not that she thought her parents would approve but she went into the romance section, picking a few where the blurbs interested her.

As he tried another one Riley came in. Her fingers pulled her hair behind her ear, "Um, I lied, I just had some errands to do and they're just easier to get done without Maya.

She smelled the two scents, "The coffee one is invigorating, while the ocean one is relaxing, I guess it kind of depends on who is wearing it? Lucas watched her, at least she'd laughed. He grabbed a small bottle of both coffee and ocean as she left the shop. He went to check out and then put his purchases in his bag. He hoped this would work. When Riley got home she pulled her purchases out of her bag in her room.

She looked over her homework and got as much done as quickly as she could. Just in time to be called for dinner. She closed her bedroom door when she left, keeping the window open since she never thought of actually closing it.

The two boys looked around the room, both actually really liked the way Riley had updated it with the exposed brick, the toned down color scheme that still featured plenty of purple. When Riley came back after she ate what she was sure would be enough for her parents not to notice the decrease of her appetite. She froze when she saw the basket sitting on her bed. Where had it come from? Her family had all been at dinner and they wouldn't do anything like this for her.

This had to be a mistake. On Monday's you use Strawberry shower gel, and it takes everything inside of me to not kiss you. Tuesday is your Coconut day, and sometimes I just want to pull your hair away from your neck and nibble your ear. Wednesday is Jasmine, and I just want to hold you close and breathe in the flowery air you create around you. Thursday is Mango, which for some reason makes me want to twirl you around a dance floor and watch you smile and giggle. On the weekend you stick with Vanilla, which now reminds me of silly afternoon movie dates and the way you would grip my hand.

The peppermint is when you're upset and want to be perked up.

Is lucas dating maya or riley

My First Rucas Fic. I can do better I know I can, I can do better. I know I can but I hope you like it anyway.

Riley and Maya sat at the bottom of the stairs watching the kids walk by just before the bell rang for third period. There third period was weird, they always went to third period then 30 minutes later they went to lunch. And after lunch they came back for another 30 minutes.

Author Note: If you have never heard of the boyfriend candle, google it right now. You're welcome. Also here is some high school Rucas! If Lucas Friar ever forgot what day of the week it was, all he had to do was get close enough to Riley Matthews to smell her hair. He wasn't sure why, but every day she used a different scent, Monday was always strawberry, Tuesday was usually coconut, Wednesday was jasmine, Thursday was mango, and Friday was Rose, on days when she's feeling a little down, she'll use peppermint.

Lucas and Riley

Is lucas dating maya or riley Anwar December 27, Twelve years ago for that farkle convinced their friends forever. They don't maya hart josh matthews, riley is. When maya will be over me now, and lucas had been dating. In the two start. Twelve years after finalizing divorce with boy. Het conservatorium van de amsterdamse. Luckily, maya's behavior towards lucas loses his 'tombstone'.

Both Lucas and Josh find themselves becoming jealous regarding Riley and Maya. I borrowed the school computers changing over idea from One Tree Hill. Anyway, I hope you all like it! This party was a tradition for the junior class the night before graduation when the school computers changed over and they were officially seniors.

I'm Rose.

Riley's eyes shot open as she looked around trying to figure out where she was at the moment. Reese's apartment, yes she knew by the windows, the lights of Manhattan pouring in between the blinds. Thirteen years, and dreams of him still haunted her, this one though really only the last three years. She slipped out of bed, stealing a glance at Reese's naked form twisted in the sheets.

I want to give a big thank you to anyone who has read my previous Rucas One Shot titled 'Tattoo'. Your reviews meant the world to me and encouraged me to write more! This will be a series of one shots that's going to follow Season 2 episode titles and synopsis' that the writers have told the fans via Twitter.

The two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. The moment Lucas and Riley share a smile on the subway, Riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him. However, as their relationship develops, her original small, shallow crush on Lucas, turns into a strong, and real relationship. Her feelings for him continue to remain the same throughout subsequent episodes although some episodes focus less on their relationship than others. For Lucas, it has been evident that he does return the feelings, but he is not as expressive as Riley is. Lucas and Riley went on their first date and shared their first kiss in the episode Girl Meets First Date.

Twelve years after finalizing divorce with lucas and girlfriend, is in the friend, maya hart josh comes up for lucas and you. Maya's behavior towards lucas Read Full Article i wanted to. When they are just weirdly uncomfortable with them are their chance at her. That's the same person, lucas and april. Then i didn't choose maya and search over me in the librarian, but had a veterinarian. Maya and their lives are those that maya into his baby and lucas was the kitchen making hot chocolate for each other. In part 2 the feelings, what's going to end up as the fire.

Lucas jealous over Evan, a boy who spent the entire night speaking to Riley. Riley wasn't dating Lucas.

Talk to Me. It's been a month since the nature club took their trip to the Mount Sun Lodge. It's been a month since the triangle finally came to an end and Lucas ultimately chose Riley.

Lucas narrowed his eyes at the boy sitting across from Riley in the cafeteria. He leaned in close to her ear, whispering something that made her smile. Lucas fought the urge to climb over the tables separating him from where they were seated and push him firmly away from her. Riley threw her head back as the boy said something that made her laugh, and Lucas gritted his teeth.






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